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Corey Kronengold

Coffee Blog Machine and Video — advice and help

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
August 16, 2004 | Post #697 | Topic #697

howdy- i'm starting my videoblog with absolutely no previous blogging experience. I need to build my page design, stylesheets, and get writing. I just grabbed a copy of BlogMachine and it seems pretty good. I'm looking for tips (advice, scripts, code, etc) for embedding a .jpg into the blog post and having that trigger a streaming media player. (i'll be using an ad server to stream content, thus keeping my ISP bandwidth at a minimum.) if anyone has some very basic instructions, tips, or whatever, I'm all ears. [View]

blogfusion 3.5 or 3.0?

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
August 25, 2004 | Post #904 | Topic #904

anyone tried this app from Macromedia? Curious what anyone's experience with it was. I'm not a coldfusion user, but it seems to be the easiest way to get a template and basic functionality up and running without knowing much about coding. and since its macromedia, i'm assuming some pretty easy compatibility with dreamweaver and flash stuff. anyone have any thoughts on this? here's the link: http://www.countersinkdg.com/ or http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm? view=sn131&extID=1015422 thanks, corey [View]

up and running

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
September 27, 2004 | Post #1289 | Topic #1289

well after messing with a bunch of different solutions, i finally settled on a methodology for doing my video blog. http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com its only has a couple of posts, and only one with video. i deleted all of my old posts when I reinstalled the greymatter. I'm using GreyMatter 1.3 for the blog, and using a streaming server to call video from. now i have to sort through all the video I've been recording and start blogging. [View]

Re: up and running

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
September 27, 2004 | Post #1296 | Topic #1289

Thanks for the warm thoughts. Why the streaming server? Well, I gotta tell you, that was the easy part of the decision, but not something that i'd be recommending. I work for Eyeblaster, which if you clicked the link, you'd see is a rich media ad server. They just introduced a VideoClip suite, which is designed as an advertising and content management system for web publishers. It allows you to serve ads into content streams. The biggest reason to use the Eyeblaster Video clip was sheer bandwidth. I didn't want to run into the possibility of using more bandwidth than my ISP and host allow. So by using Eyeblaster's video clip, I can deliver higher quality video, and more of it, without running up against any limitations. And, I just wanted to see if I could do it. I'm going to save my file/bandwidth/upload/download limits for my friends to grab stuff off my FTP, not for the videoblogging. So I had all the scripts to make a call to the Eyeblaster Ad Server, and can use that to manage my video content. Its a nice luxury to have, and makes me look good in the office as well. > > alright, welcome. > youre now one of like 50 people videoblogging that we know of. > can you explain in more detail how youre running your videoblog? > why a streaming server? > why not just downloads? > just curious... [View]

linking images to video in wordpress?

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 3, 2004 | Post #1341 | Topic #1341

hey kids- ok, after messing around with greymatter, i decided to move over to wordpress since its still being supported. i'm not happy with my template at all, but will worry about that later. in GM, i was able to link an image to a javascript: <a onclick="javascript:window.open ('http://origin.demo.eyeblaster.com/Corey/video/t1.htm&#39;, 'newwinname','width=400,height=335,');" href="#"> <span style="font-family:monotype;font-size:85%;color:#ff0000;"> <strong>Click To Watch</strong></span> which was opening a new window and importing the video from the "origin" server. I can't seem to get it to work in WordPress. Any suggestions? I'm able to easily add images to my posts, much easier than with Blogger, but can't make it run a simple script. please help!!! http://www.theviewfromysofa.com [View]

can't get media player to work

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 3, 2004 | Post #1342 | Topic #1342

what am I doing wrong? I'm trying to use IE's built in mediaplayer to play video off of my site. I've got 2 implementations - one is using an adserver (my company) to stream video from, and that seems to be working ok (jazzguitar guy on my site) just following the code from other sites, i tried to link an image to video on my own server, which is giving me an error. when you click on the image that is linked to the video, it opens the mediaplayer, but wont play the conent. my blog: http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com/wordpress/ the top post is linked to video on my server. the jazzguitar guy in the other post launches a new window that plays the video. any thoughts? [View]

Re: can't get media player to work

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 4, 2004 | Post #1345 | Topic #1342

I wasn't very happy with the quality or results from using the simmple 'embed' command. It wasnt' playing well at all. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@r...> wrote: > > > .wmv is something I know zero about, but i would make the popup link to > a html page which has the wmv embedded in it, rather than asking the > browser to target wmv all by itself. > > I'd also change "roll over image" to "click image" :-) > > cheers > Adrian Miles > > +++++++++++++++++++++ > http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/vlog/ [View]

VideoBlog finally working

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 6, 2004 | Post #1347 | Topic #1347

Well, after messing around with GreyMatter and finally settling in with WordPress, I got down to business in getting my video streaming solution to work. As it turns out, I was misunderstanding the javascript that I had put on my page (within the post) which was only opening a new window. I had though that I was going to serve the video into that window, but hadn't changed the scripts on the new window page to call the video from my streaming server. so, after much fiddling, bouncing back and forth from greymatter to wordpress (and ultimately realizing that it probably didn't matter which one I used) and getting a little bit more understanding of PHP (which wordpress uses), I'm good to go. so, be on the lookout for some fresh video content and commentary. until I get the layout and look right, i'm leaving the site at http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com//wordpress/ when I finally get the look right, i'll move it straight to the main domain. In the meantime, there's two test posts up there, each with an image. when you click on the image it will call video content. time to get editing. thanks to everyone on this list who provided info, insight and encouragement. [View]

Re: Hi everyone, from blogDJ, Dave

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 6, 2004 | Post #1348 | Topic #1319

Hey Dave- Great post. I also suffer from self-induldgent need to gab, and very similarly was exploring flash video for the same purpose. I've been desperately trying to find a good solution for videoblogging, and finally found one that works for me. Luckily, I work for a company that has a lot of flash tools and flash video tools and was able to adapt our system to suit my needs. I'm using an in-stream adserver to manage and deliver my video. The Eyeblaster VideoClip Module was designed to serve TV style ads into user requested content, like when you click to play a movie trailer or a behind the scenes of some hollywood premere that you'd find on entertainment tonight's website or the like. after much fiddling, I finally got it to work. so no i'm getting down to business. vblogging. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "db" <mrstuneman@y...> wrote: > A howdy-do, to all of you! :-) > It's Dave, aka the blog DJ - however, I may be the only DJ who does > NOT post mp3's of songs on my blog. My life story, wrapped up in an > easy-to-chew bite-sized chunk... > > I've been a DJ for almost 20 years, both on radio and for private > functions. My passion has always been to be in front of a microphone, > however, I have become more involved in the marketing aspect of it > over the last 6+... [View]

http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com//wordpress/index.php up and running

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 9, 2004 | Post #1351 | Topic #1351

just wanted to keep y'all in the loop. The View From My Sofa is up and running as planned. I've got a slight out of sync problem on the videoclips, which I suspect is coming from the re-encoding when i'm shrinking the file sizes. I'm trying a couple of different video editors, and will keep you posted on what I find. By the way, I was trying to use Premiere Pro 1.5, but it was resizing my video to very awkward frame sizes. Does anyone know how to controll the size of the exported frames when you go from a "project" to "exporting to WMV"?? thanks http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com//wordpress/index.php [View]

Re: view from my sofa

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 10, 2004 | Post #1355 | Topic #1352

You are correct. the one drawback of the system i'm using is that it isn't mac supported. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "contactmica" <contactmica@y...> wrote: > > corey- > your site tells me that i can only see your videos if i am on a PC, mac not supported!? > is that for real or do i just need to download something? > I am always intereested to see what others are doins with the videoblog format. [View]

updated content on the view

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 10, 2004 | Post #1356 | Topic #1356

pardon the general lack of order. I'd been sitting on a lot of content that I wanted to get up, and didn't do it chronologically. But I added about 10 posts, all with video. http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com//wordpress/ [View]

Re: Video online: Michael Verdi

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
December 2, 2004 | Post #2078 | Topic #2030

I'm using a very similar execution for video, using a pop up Flash play to stream content. Build an HTML page with the Flash player in it. Make your link open the page with the player. how well you can stream your content is determined by your host. I'm using a Flash Communication Streaming server to host my video, so I'm getting pretty decent speed, similar to Michaels. I've noticed that just embedding video into a page or calling a .mov file is painfully slow. http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com (gotta scroll down, cuz i haven't added video lately.) --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Steve Garfield <steve@o...> wrote: > How does he do that pop up Flash player with controller? > > Nice music video. > > On Nov 30, 2004, at 5:45 AM, Andreas Haugstrup wrote: > > > So check out his weekly video and other progess at: > > <URL:http://www.michaelverdi.com/&gt; He has two videos up right now. > > Anyone > > subscribed to the videoblogging.info feed should know about him by > > now. :o) > --------- [ Web Sites ] --------- > Steve Garfield Video Production > http://stevegarfield.com > > Video Blog > http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog/ > > Weblog: Off On A Tangent > http://offonatangent.blogspot.com/ > > Video Podcast > http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videopodcast/ [View]

Businessweek Article on Video Blogging

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
December 30, 2004 | Post #2994 | Topic #2994

impression levels for top video blogs?

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
May 25, 2005 | Post #12150 | Topic #12150

Since someone mentioned advertising on RocketBoom, and Steve chimed in as well for his vlog, I was wondering if anyone has compiled a list of monthly traffic for the most popular video blogs. Assuming that those people are somehow affiliated with this list, would anyone care to disclose or discuss the traffic they've seen over the past 6 months??? I work in the online advertising space, and my company currently serves video based ads into video streams. Seems like we could start a video-blog ad network pretty easily. Curious if it makes sense, but it would certainly help all of us pay for the bandwidth we are currently using. Please CC me offlist as well at ckronengold <at> gmail <dot> com thanks corey [View]