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Pete Prodoehl

Re: [videoblogging] rocketboom via my dad

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <pete@...> | raster
June 1, 2005 | Post #12678 | Topic #12654

> From: "Amanda Congdon" <amanda@...> > Subject: Re: rocketboom via my dad > > My hope with Rocketboom is > that when people new to videoblogging watch it, it will inspire them > to watch all types of other videoblogs. I want people other than > bloggers, podcasters, and other videobloggers to watch videoblogs. Success! Rocketboom was probably the first videoblog out there that I listed on my "must see" list, but since then, the list has grown, and I've found other equally great vloggers out there, and I'm starting to shoot my own video. Mission accomplished. (Well, if you can forget my blogging and podcasting...) Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: video feed + podcast feed?

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 9, 2005 | Post #13699 | Topic #13525

On 6/9/05, Steve Watkins <steve@...> wrote: > > It was mostly in= response to things I havent heard so much of recently > from this group, s= uch as the idea that some people absolutely refusing > to install quicktime= , and thus likely not getting to see a vast number > of videoblogs that are= out there. And the opposite, some Mac people > not bothering with trying t= o watch wmv content. I'm a Mac person, and I do *try* to watch wmv content= , but often is just doesn't work... :( Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Would this be 'selling out'?

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 13, 2005 | Post #13854 | Topic #13828

On 6/13/05, Chris K <chriskoehn@...> wrote: > > As for supporting ar= tists that I make use of illegaly by way of using > their music as a backgr= ound for my crap, I find this disturbing, maybe because I used to record m= usic... I've seen a few videoblogs where the background music is (most like= ly) RIAA stuff in which I will assume permission has not been granted for u= se. I happened across a video on Ourmedia last week that used part of a son= g that was written and recorded by a friend of mine, and I contemplated sen= ding him the link... I mean, yes in most cases it's personal/non-commercial= use, but does Ourmedia or Archive.org have to worry about it? Will the RIA= A come knocking on their door? (If this has been discussed already, just p= oint me to the relevant threads.) Pete [View]

del.icio.us by media type

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 13, 2005 | Post #13856 | Topic #13856

I know people have mentioned using del.icio.us as feeds for FireANT, etc, a= nd thought I should mention this: "Del.icio.us now allows users to browse = tags by media types such as MP3 files or MPEG movies. RSS feeds now include= enclosures for easy media subscription." http://www.niallkennedy.com/= blog/archives/2005/06/delicious_tags.html http://lists.del.icio.us/pip= ermail/discuss/2005-June/003354.html which looks pretty neat! Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: QT 7 Pro: Export multiple movies simultaneously

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 14, 2005 | Post #13999 | Topic #13886

duncan speakman wrote: > Quicktime 7 is a nightmare on 10.3.9, in fact is sucks so much that > apple have made a re-installer for quicktime 6, there are two on the > site, make sure you pick the right one.. one of them works on > quicktime 7 only, and the other only works on quicktime 7.0.1 > > http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime652reinstallerforquicktime701.html > > My head and laptop went crazy after i loaded qt7 so i dug around a bit > and this seemed to be the best solution for now (or until i upgrade, > got to wait for the pro tools compatibility first!) Can you elaborate on the nightmare? As I'm running QT 7 on two 10.3.9 Macs without any problems, though I don't know what problems I should be looking for... Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] del.icio.us by media type

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 14, 2005 | Post #14016 | Topic #13856

Joshua Kinberg wrote: > http://gonze.com/weblog/ > > For those who don't know... Lucas is a rockstar, so don't be put off > by the bluntness. > He created WebJay.org (still ahead of its time), XSPF playlist > format, and plenty of other cool things... Since XSPF was mentioned, I thought it might be useful to generate XSPF output from WordPress for videoblogs (and podcasts) so that any post with an enclosure could be placed in a trackList. I've sent a msg to the wp-hackers list seeing if anyone is interested. In the meantime I've hacked something into place and asked Lucas to look at it. It's not optimal, but I'm hoping a real wordpress hacker might take an interest. Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: del.icio.us by media type

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 14, 2005 | Post #14017 | Topic #13856

Andreas Haugstrup wrote: > > Blogs are all about linking. It's what they've been from the begining, and > it's what makes them special and amazing (they are using the Web for what > it was meant to do). However, you must respect the permalink or the blogs > break. Blogs work because 'information' or and 'entry' is placed in one > (and only one) specific point. This is what makes blogging possible - you > have one location to link to. Not to be a picker of nits, but posts on a weblog often appear in more than one place, the appear on the home/main page of the blog, they often appear on archive pages, or category pages, etc. The permalink or 'permanent url' is the correct way to reference a post for now and in the future. You'll often hear that on the list of 'what makes a website a blog' the answer 'permalinks' is pretty high up there. (Followed by 'an rss feed') Back in 1997/1998 we had weblogs (though the name had not existed yet) and we managed to link to each other, but the permalink idea still didn't quite take hold yet. Once it did, things got a whole lot easier. Pete [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: del.icio.us by media type

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 14, 2005 | Post #14039 | Topic #13856

Lucas Gonze wrote: > On 6/14/05, the distinguished Andreas Haugstrup <solitude@...> wrote: [snip a hell of a lot] >>We can't assign a permalink to a video file directly. It's technically >>possible, but impractical because you'd have to embed so much in the video >>(trackbacks, comments, blogroll and the rest Adrian listed). Instead we >>embed the video file in an HTML page - it's half the work and the user >>gets the same experience (probably a better experience because text is >>easier integrated and indexed this way). A identical scenario is with >>photoblogs. Here you don't link directly to the photo file either, you >>link to the permalink for the photo which is an HTML page with an embedded >>photo (that also includes all the other blog greatness like trackbacks). > > > > For some reason you're thinking that the link ecology only has two solutions: > 1) put metadata in the video. > 2) put metadata in a wrapper document and only link to the wrapper document. > > When there is a third solution which is much more reliable and scalable: > 3) create external documents to annotate the video URL: > <dl> > <dt><a href="the video url" rel="annotationof">the video url</a></dt> > <dd> > <dl> > <dt>trackback URL</dt><dd>..url...</dd> > <dt>URL for info about the creator</dt><dd>..url...</dd> > ...etc... > </dl> > </dl> > > (or equivalent RDF, naturally). > > There can be any number of those documents, they... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] can ppl please do me a favor, eh?

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June 15, 2005 | Post #14097 | Topic #14030

Andreas Haugstrup wrote: > On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 00:29:31 +0200, kinganti <antidis@...> wrote: > >>see how my blog is listed in my signature automatically? >>it would help me a shit ton if more people did that, so i can attatch >>the who with where, ect. > > This is a public service announcement to those who doesn't know. > > A proper e-mail signature starts with two dashes, followed by a space and > then a new line. If you follow this exactly (that's two dashes, not three > or four) the advantage is that any moderately clever e-mail client will > automatically strip your signature when someone replies to you. This is > very nice, because people don't have to spend time deleting your signature > manually. > > See my signature for an example. If you have a clever e-mail client it > might insert these dashes, space and new line automagically. > > - Andreas Well Thunderbird is clever then, isn't it? Look! Below! A signature! I'll even post my url here: http://tinkernet.org/ because someone pointed out to me that comments were not working on my site so if you commented in the last week, they got lost because I am lame and now it's fixed so you can comment... yay for me. Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: del.icio.us by media type

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 15, 2005 | Post #14101 | Topic #13856

Michael Meiser wrote: > Pete. > > I think I get what you're saying. The debate has raged for so long > we've gotten away from how the delicious media feeds work. The only > problem I see with your scenario is you have to put the direct link to > the video as the primary url and the permalink in the extended > description. Then the primary link to the video will be turned into an > enclosure and you will see the permalink to the post in the post > contents. > > In other words, just reverse the two urls. > > I do this with my marked up videos you can see the permalinks clearly > contained in the extended description. > http://del.icio.us/mmeiser/system:media:video > > So, when you view the feed source or plug it in ANT the permalink is > clearly viewable and follow-able in the main body of the post. > > http://del.icio.us/rss/mmeiser/system:media:video > > Please note Delicious does not make all RSS feeds 2.0 with enclosures. > It's sort of silly, but you have to specify "/system:media:video" after > tag or username. This in addition to the fact that you have to specify > the direct link to the video in the as the primary url. > > I hope that makes sense. > Yes! Perfect... I did not realize you could add system:media:video to any feed to get RSS 2.0 I contemplated... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] First post | first question

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 15, 2005 | Post #14108 | Topic #14096

Jay dedman wrote: >> I have got thousands of questions to ask ... but for now i just remember >>one question only. >> >> Am i able to delete or is there a way to delete a media once it has been >>uploaded to archive.org?? > > > not easily. > you can email me(jay.dedmanATgmail.com) or another moderator to erase > it manually. > so please upload only video you want served. Jay, what about the case of accidentally upload the same file multiple times? What if a user had control to delete a file if another file they uploaded had the same md5sum? Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Re: Summer of Vlog (NYC)

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June 15, 2005 | Post #14128 | Topic #12380

ryanne hodson wrote: > hey all > so this vloggercue is really gonna rock... > so we put a pay pal donate button on the site > to help pay for food > > http://vloggercue.blogspot.com/ > > if you're coming to the nyc event > can you throw us a few bucks to buy some ribs and chicken and veggie dogs? > thanks!!! > > also we'll be putting an attendee list up and coordinate places to stay... > we got you covered! > > oh yeah > and are there other bbqs planned in other places? > we want to list those as well. Well, since there is a *very* slim chance of me making it out east, any midwestern-videobloggers are welcome to visit my backyard in Wisconsin for a bbq, fun on the lake, and a bonfire... I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=43.112%2C-88.492 (And there is couch/bed/floorspace for many.) Pete ;) -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Promote Videoblogging

By Pete Prodoehl | "Pete Prodoehl" <raster@...> | raster
June 16, 2005 | Post #14187 | Topic #14187

Somehow, somewhere, my videoblog got listed in this local 'blog of the week' thing: http://www.mkeonline.com/people/blogcontest.asp If you feel like promoting videoblogging, and you prefer tinkernet to the other blogs listed, feel free to stop by and vote for tinkernet. Thanks all... Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: E -Band

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June 16, 2005 | Post #14188 | Topic #14157

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jan McLaughlin <vze4pnhk@v...> wrote: > So, who plays bass 'round the vlogosphere? Hey, Maximillian, looks like > a perfect beginning for the E-Band. > Well, I play bass, and guitar (I played background music in one of my videoblog posts) and now I've got drums too! http://rasterweb.net/raster/2005/06/13/the-joy-of-drumming/ Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog the future... [View]

Re: linkback web app

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June 17, 2005 | Post #14295 | Topic #14267

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Lucas Gonze <lucas.gonze@g...> wrote: > Hey folks, > > My linkback web micro-app on Webjay is now up and running at a > production level of quality. What this does is allow people who only > have a direct link to your video to go to the blog entry where your > video first appeared. > > Documentation on how to use it is right in the page. I'd be grateful > for comments and bug reports, and especially ideas about how to make > the tool useful on sites other than Webjay. > > The URL of the tool is at http://webjay.org/linkback Excellent tool! So, since the tools relies on the videbloggers site to occasionally be run through PlayThisPage: "To make this work, bloggers need to tell Webjay about their blog. They can do that by using PlayThisPage on their web page or RSS feed. Webjay will not automatically refresh its listing, however, so bloggers who add media from time to time need to go back to PlayThisPage. It may be easier just to insert a link to PlayThisPage on their blog, because then users will do the job of making sure that PlayThisPage checks for new items." Can I automate the process by setting up a cron job that requests this url: http://webjay.org/playthispage?url=http://tinkernet.org/ On a regular (daily?) basis? It sort of like a pinger, that you would hit each time you add neww content, but... [View]

Re: Happy Birthday Ryanne and Jay

By Pete Prodoehl | "Pete Prodoehl" <raster@...> | raster
June 18, 2005 | Post #14409 | Topic #14310

Gosh, look at the time... is it June 18th already? Hey, now it's my birthday! (He said, shamelessly hoping for birthday greetings... ;) Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Summer of Vlog (Midwest)

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June 20, 2005 | Post #14542 | Topic #12380

Chuck Olsen wrote: > Still tentative at the moment, but thanks to a cool guy named > Paul Saarinen here in Minneapolis, it looks like we'll be having > Vloggercue Midwest with y'alls on July 9. Woohoo! He's got a sweet > loft with wifi, possibly hook up a projector, all that jazz. Oh, and > food of course. > > How many vloggers are out there in the Midwest, anyway? > Anybody from outside Minnesota interested in making the trip? I'm in Wisconsin, and could maybe make it up there... I'll put it at a 85% chance of coming right now. ;) Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] [Off Topic] Sin City

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June 20, 2005 | Post #14589 | Topic #14581

Ian Mills wrote: > Who has seen this film yet? It's amazingly great! > > It's so inspiring too. just check out this article. > http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.04/sincity.html?pg=1&topic=sincity > > Wow. Maybe i should try and shoot a short movie this summer... > > > - Ian Saw it. Very cool. Review here: http://rasterweb.net/raster/2005/04/11/sin-city/ Pete -- http://tinkernet.org/ videoblog for the future... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] enclosures question

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June 20, 2005 | Post #14599 | Topic #14599

Robert DESIDERI wrote: > Is there a right or wrong way to link the .mov of another? > > For example, when one blogs something like "Check out Adrian's rhizome > demo movie" is it correct to use rel="enclosure" despite fact you are > not referencing your own work? > > I checked http://videoblogging.info/videos/enclosures.php for answer > however no joy. Does the RSS generated by wordpress get screwed up or am > I not getting how enclosures work. I wouldn't enclose someone else's work in my feed without their permission, as you run the risk distributing their files/work through your feed, using their bandwidth. Let's assume I normally have about 10 downloads for my enclosures, because just a handful of people use FireANT to subscribe to my feed. Along comes an 'A List Videoblogger' who has 1000 subscribers, they enclose your video, and the feed gets read 1000 times, and the file gets downloaded 1000 times. This may not be a good thing. I'd only use rel="enclosure" when trying to distribute my own work, or if I had permission to distribute someone else's work. Now, will FireANT (or any other aggregator) download the file more than once because it sees it in multiple feeds? (I'm not sure, this question bas been debated for almost a year now...) The RSS generated by WordPress would not get screwed up. WordPress just does what it tells you. If you give it a url... [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Any thought about the CVS One Time Use Camcorder?

By Pete Prodoehl | Pete Prodoehl <raster@...> | raster
June 21, 2005 | Post #14646 | Topic #14630

Bohus Blahut wrote: > Gena wrote: > > >>I read about this a few days ago in the L.A. Times business section. I >>also just saw a review of it at PC Magazine: >> > > That's probably the most thorough description of the camera I've > seen yet. I've been following this for a while, with just little bits > of info sneaking out here and there. > >>Me,I won't plunk down $30 for something I don't own. You don't get the >>camcorder back. You have to fork up another $30 to do it again. >> > > Yeah, I think that their model is flawed. It should be a > razors/razorblades financial model i.e. you basically give the camera > away, but then you charge for the "refills", in this case the finished > DVD's. I figure that they're probably not making too much money on the > individual cameras (if any), counting on being able to resell them > several times and of course the money that they make on the DVD's. I > would have either charged more for the DVD's and let the consumer keep > the camera for $30-50. > > The only place I really see this working is for folks who don't have > a camera and really want one for a special occasion, or have forgotten > theirs at home. Disposable still cameras are a good product because > they're cheap... [View]