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By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 1, 2004 | Post #1 | Topic #1

First message to this new list. I'll start by introducing myself - please do the same. I am Peter Van Dijck (http://poorbuthappy.com/ease), a Belgian information architect. I got interested in videoblogging after talking to Jay Dedman about this (we're both in New York City). I've posted a few video entries on my blog, but it's a lot of work, and the bandwidth usage is a bit scary. Anyways, welcome, please introduce yourselves, and lets talk video on the web! Cheers, Peter [View]

Video encoding tools

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 11, 2004 | Post #8 | Topic #8

I'm looking into encoding tools, and started a wiki page here: http://www.me-tv.org/wakka.php?wakka=VideoEncodingTools What do you use? [View]


By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 12, 2004 | Post #9 | Topic #9

I'm actually also from Belgium, even though I'm living in NYC right now... Beliuj videoblogs! [View]

Catching up

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 15, 2004 | Post #30 | Topic #30

I've been away from email for a few days, catching up. One thing I plan to do this summer is to travel for 2 months (in India), and I hope to be able to post videoblog entries. I'm trying to figure out how I could do that... On a related note, as Jay mentioned, we're thinking of sharing a server for videoserving. We can try it for a year. Cost would be about $10 a month, shared between 10 or 15 people. That would give us enough bandwidth to serve video, and the fact that we share it makes it a lot cheaper. Anyone interested? I'll post details of my research so far in hosting solutions later... Cheers! (PS: http://me-tv is the wiki I created with this list, feel free to add/change/edit it) [View]

Re: getting the code for a videoblogging tool

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 16, 2004 | Post #35 | Topic #12

> Other suggestions welcome. I can't program Java but this is certainly I project I might be able to get funding for. There is a whole bunch of tools needed (videoblogging tools, aggregating tools, ...) for various audiences. And more importantly, standards are needed for those tools (Bittorrent for P2P, RSS enclosures for syndication, ...). Is anyone interested in outlining the various audiences and/or use cases and types of tools/standards we imagine together? We can put them on the me-tv.org wiki. Having good requirements might inspire someone to actually build these things :) As I said before, I started playing around with some requirements for one type of tool on the wiki (it's slow right now, cheap host!). PS: An article in the new scientist mentions videoblogging: http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/tech/article.jsp? id=99995015&sub=Communications "A pair of sunglasses that can detect when someone is making eye contact with the wearer has been developed by Canadian researchers. Besides being useful in singles bars, its inventors say the system could play a key role in video blogging, a hi-tech form of diary keeping." Jay actually has a pair of funky glasses (they look inconspicous in the Lower East Side in NYC) connected to a video recording device. Jay, wanna try out videoblogging with those? Cheers, Peter [View]

Re: so where are we?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #51 | Topic #38

> Okay, you're killin' me, but I'll do it for a week. :-) I'm in for a week as well. Sunday to Sunday. Let's find out if daily videoblogging is doable/practical/interesting. I do plan to do more videoblogging this summer when I'm going traveling as well. Peter [View]

Re: so where are we?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #52 | Topic #38

> Why did you decide to make the video post start playing video right > away inside the post? I have the videos in the post, but they only start playing once you click play. However, they do download everytime someone views the page (bandwidth!), even when they don't click play. Is there a way around that without having a viewer go to a separate page? Peter [View]

video blogging week

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #53 | Topic #53

I thought a wiki page would be good to list participants (ok so I'm a wiki geek): http://www.me-tv.org/wakka.php?wakka=VideoBloggingWeek Cool idea Steve! P [View]

Re: video blogging week

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #54 | Topic #53

> http://www.me-tv.org/wakka.php?wakka=VideoBloggingWeek Eric, I saw your afraid-of-wikis post. Try the page above. You might get over it :) Peter [View]

Link to a point in a video

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #55 | Topic #55

By the way, a while ago, I created this online tool to create a link to a certain point in an existing RealPlayer video: http://www.me-tv.org/freetools/getrmurl.php Feedback welcome! It is pre-loaded with an example to play around with. It could be expanded upon to work with other formats as well. Useful for linking to a part of a speech for example. The wiki has more notes to linking to a point within a videostream: http://www.me-tv.org/wakka.php?wakka=HowToLink I'm thinking about creating a similar tool to create the code to embed a Quicktime movie with various options (to avoid having to edit that block of code manually every time, until our blogging tools start doing this). Ideas welcome! Peter [View]

RSS, enclosures, SMIL?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #57 | Topic #57

It'd be cool to have a central feed of the videos and text of the videoblogging week starting Sunday. There are various options: - SMIL: can display text and video together, realplayer plays it. - combined RSS with plain links to video - RSS with enclosures to make Adam Curry happy ;) Anyone wants to take this on? It would be ideal to automate this central feed, but that might also be too much work. It'd also be a good experiment with the pros and cons of various types of feeds... I might have time to create a SMIL thing... By the way, what formats are people planning to use? I'll probably do Quicktime. Comments? Peter [View]

Re: RSS, enclosures, SMIL?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 18, 2004 | Post #59 | Topic #57

> Disclaimer: I have no idea what a SMIL file looks like It's pretty simple. http://demandmedia.net/, at the right, check out the "playlist" link. That's a SMIL file. I pasted the code below: <smil> <head> <layout> <meta name="base" content="http://demandmedia.net/text/"/&gt; <root-layout background-color="black" width="320" height="320"/> <region id="info" top="0" left="0" height="80"/> <region id="vid" top="80" left="0" fit="fill"/> </layout> </head> <body> <seq> <par dur="0:02"> <img region="vid" src="http://demandmedia.net/images/demandmedia- rt.gif"/> <text region="info" src="http://demandmedia.net/images/demandmedia.rt"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/2/16/154025/273"/> <video region="vid" src="http://images.indymedia.org/imc/washingtondc/janitors.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/8/4/162645/3047"/> <video region="vid" src="rtsp:// 205.rm"/> </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2002/11/27/231319/16"/> <video region="vid" src="http://sf.indymedia.org/uploads/evanaccrc.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2004/1/29/125834/269"/> <video region="vid" src="http://images.indymedia.org/imc/nyc/dougrokkeondu28k.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/7/1/162925/3391"/> <video region="vid" src="http://images.indymedia.org/imc/washingtondc/afghanistan.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2004/4/19/225849/370"/> <video region="vid" src="http://unreal.rit.edu/projects/events/gannett/2004-04-15.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/5/8/21050/15703"/> <video region="vid" src="rtsp://realmedia.freespeech.org/mediarights_unintended.rm/mediari ghts_unintended.rm"/> </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2002/12/30/105240/19"/> <video region="vid" src="http://crash.mi.cz/nepal/nepal_dsl_352x288.rm"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/8/26/51420/3484"/> <video region="vid" src="rtsp://"/&gt; </par> <par endsync="last"> <text region="info" src="2003/6/19/72910/3167"/> <video region="vid" src="rtsp://realmedia.freespeech.org/murder_fred_hampton.rm/murder_fre d_hampton.rm"/> </par> </seq></body></smil> [View]

Re: My Videoblog (Day One) is online

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 21, 2004 | Post #73 | Topic #67

> If I can figure out how to edit wiki pages of course.. Practice a bit in the sandbox: http://www.me-tv.org/wakka.php?wakka=SandBox Don't worry about messing it up. Just click the edit-this-page at the bottom of the page and go crazy :) Peter [View]

Re: videoblog week makes me work

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 23, 2004 | Post #86 | Topic #81

> that's why I like Peter's mantra: why edit? Don't misunderstand me: I say: "Why edit in an editing tool?". I "edit" all the time, I make about 20 little 5 second movies a day (the tiny camera makes it real easy) and then choose. The editing is in the selection, it's when I decide which movie to pick. Yesterday I made a few other movies than the one I posted, but I liked the one I posted best. I'm a photographer by training, and any professional photographer can tell you: the secret is partly in the selection process. Don't edit, select! [View]

Who else wants to join?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 23, 2004 | Post #87 | Topic #81

Come on people! Who else wants to post a little video today and join videoblogging week? Go on. It's easier than it looks, and don't worry about the movies being bad, that's ok. The point is to just get posting. Just do it. Make a video while you're reading this message of yourself, and post that! We're videoblogging geeks, we like *everything*. Peter [View]

Re: cinemaware/movits

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 23, 2004 | Post #90 | Topic #88

> http://web.media.mit.edu/~aisling/publications/MediaFabrics.pdf I like the paper - reading it now! Peter [View]

Re: Who else wants to join?

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 23, 2004 | Post #91 | Topic #81

> but never got to a point where i had a system > for doing it regularly - click-click click > maybe for the time being videoblogging > is for the 'geeks' or the more tech savy, lets say. Maybe so - even for us the lack of easy tools is frustrating. Peter [View]

Re: introduction

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 25, 2004 | Post #114 | Topic #110

> Can you briefly explain to us how we could use this to edit video? > does it post straight to a blog? > Optimize? > have you tried to do video with this application? I think I can answer some of those questions. Jay, that application lets you easily create playlists of video already on the web. So you pick from the news videos and other video available on the web, and create a playlist. The application doesn't let you edit video (in the classic sense) or optimize video or upload video. (Did I get that correct?) Peter [View]

Re: introduction

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 25, 2004 | Post #117 | Topic #110

My videoblog entry today is about me trying out viewing webJay with video. http://poorbuthappy.com/ease/archives/003050.html Peter [View]

Re: deeplinking considered n/a

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 28, 2004 | Post #183 | Topic #140

> So keep the world wide web alive by linking to the HTML page and not > the video file. It is only fair to the author. But then you're saying we can't do playlists (as in SMIL playlists in a player)... Which would be too bad because the videowatching experience in a playlist is very different from clicking around from site to site... I'm not sure what the solution is... Peter [View]