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From lurker to video blogger in training

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 20, 2005 | Post #14519 | Topic #14519

I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to take the dive into the pool. I thought I could just use my digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix with Quicktime movie mode. But the poor thing couldn't handle a group of chanting monks. I wanted a real camcorder and I could have gotten one for about $199. But I didn't have that much. I knew better than to buy Aiptek or Mustek combo cameras. Anything photo product in blister packs is risky. But I saw this nice shiny dookhicky called a DXG 202v at Target and I had to take the chance for $80. It does make a racket on playback and it is not for the wedding or high speed chase to sell for tv. If you accept the limitations of a flash based camcorder it is okay. So this is my first official video movie: http://www.archive.org/download/Lunch_Dibs/LunchDibs.WMV Thanks for the information and honest dialogs that I have read. Play nice. [View]

Love my Lumix, but needed better camcorder like function…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 20, 2005 | Post #14540 | Topic #14519

I love my Lumix, for stills. It's only a 2.0 megapixel but it does take great photos, just not so good .mov's. The flash camcorder seems to be working fine. If I'm shooting outside not problem. It doesn't handle low light well but I knew that when I bought it. My blog is http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com I haven't had time to load my videos yet so this is mainly text. [View]

Yes and No…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 20, 2005 | Post #14541 | Topic #14519

I have a blog but I have to find time to update or decide to have a dedicated blog. I'm still trying to understand RSS and FireAnt and other stuff. This part of the process is not easy to understand. I'm working on it. [View]

Any thought about the CVS One Time Use Camcorder?

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 21, 2005 | Post #14630 | Topic #14630

I read about this a few days ago in the L.A. Times business section. I also just saw a review of it at PC Magazine: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1828588,00.asp The camcorder records 20 minutes of video for $30. The $13 processing fee gets you a DVD that has mpeg4, wmv and vob files. I think it is too expensive to use more than once or twice in a year. But for those that want to dip their tootsies into vblogging it might work for you to test it out. I can see it in an emergency situation. It would be a huge seller during earthquakes. Me,I won't plunk down $30 for something I don't own. You don't get the camcorder back. You have to fork up another $30 to do it again. [View]

Agghh the process… (Beginning of a rant – spare yourself if you can)

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 24, 2005 | Post #14868 | Topic #14868

It is 8:59 PDT. I have spent the last three hours editing a 30 second video= . It has been a long day. I just wanted to finish the idea I had in my head= .Sometimes there is a chasm between and idea and production. I shot qt vid= eo with my digital camera, it will be the last time because the camera was = heating up the more I used the qt movie mode, which shoots 320 by 240. Like= a dope, I rotated the camera so the video is 240 by 320. It made sense at = the time. Most of the videos were lousy but I did manage to get a sequence= of a monk blessing the audience with water. I had some stills I wanted to = add to fill it out. Problems: Quick Time Pro 6.5 I wanted to mix the movi= e with the stills but QT Pro does not make that easy. You can do it if you = photos are in a numerical sequence like a slide show. But otherwise, it is = a pain. I can export the .avi out of qt but it is a huge honking file. 48MB= M$ Photo Story Will let me animate still images to create .wmv movies. I = can take this over to Windows Movie Maker2. Windows Movie Maker2 Dadgummed= #$$%@#^ will not let me choose anything. It stretches non-standard formats= to fit640 x... [View]

A comment about access to main stream media

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 29, 2005 | Post #15310 | Topic #15310

I'm am supposed to be doing other things but I just wanted to share about my feelings about video blogging and traditional media. I love the diversity of blogs, podcasting and videoblogging. There is no one *correct* way to do them. I am fearful of commercial interest cuz I've seen them co-op creativity and kill it for profit. I have a concern about former mainstream media people who want to re-create what they use to do via a medium they do not yet understand. What I try to do with my fear is control it with information. I have to watch and see how it plays out. #2 I spent an afternoon with a woman who has kept scrapbooks since she was 12 years old. She is now in her late 70's. She has fabulous stuff. Would ET or Dr. Phil be interested in talking with her and recording her work? Nope. Not a chance in hell. Or the cool blues band that I shot that had people over 30 performing who could sing with their clothes on. Get Real Time - Heck No. #3 I have waited a lifetime + 7 for main stream media to represent people like me. Or like you. I liked http://schlomolog.blogspot.com Devillets's video cuz I didn't know that clubs had dancers like that. It was cool. It granted me entry into a new place. I chose to visit and view. I like that. The... [View]

Re: Vlogging Hollywood?

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 29, 2005 | Post #15344 | Topic #15128

In the case of Tom Cruise I am beginning to think his former PR person did a heck of a job and was underpaid. Does he really need vlogging? Do we want him too? Doesn't matter. He has access and can do or say what he wants. Same for MJ. Any performer could whip up a camera and show that they are being harrassed by stalkers. Main stream media is saying that video bloggers are just people talking into the camera about themselves. They ignor the whole spectrum of people doing this and creating content. So if the "Celebrities" jump into this (I don't care if the do or not)does that now make video blogging more valid? My point is that we have to validate ourselves and evolve this medium to another place. [View]

Re: PC Software suggestions for vlogging?

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 30, 2005 | Post #15573 | Topic #15543

Have you downloaded and purchased QuickTime Pro for Windows? It can read .avi files just fine and you can save them to .mov's. I do it all the time. QTP is a little weird but version 7 is supposed to be a little easier to use. [View]

Re: Ourmedia Upload Problems – I Got Them Too…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
June 30, 2005 | Post #15575 | Topic #15554

I have two videos that are hanging in limbo for 3 day and 21 hours. I did e-mail but haven't gotten a response yet. It may not be you. The great goddess of video is out having a coffee break. ******** A fellow newbie in video blogging. [View]

Craigslist – Meet the Vloggers/Steal This Badge

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 2, 2005 | Post #15636 | Topic #15636

Josh, have you posted at the NY version of Craigslist? In the community section - http://newyork.craigslist.org There is no charge to post an event and CL is a many splended thing. They also have discussion forums for arts, Mac heads and computers folks but they are a little prickly about posting events in the forum. But if you word it right (such as is anybody going to...)you might be able to slip it in without offense. From the left coast I wish you standing room only... Gena http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com [View]

Photography & The Law, Has Meaning For Video Bloggers

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 3, 2005 | Post #15725 | Topic #15725

Just want to share a few points with citation about snapping pixs of people and then making a profit out of their image without their permission. This has potential problems areas for video bloggers. Eons ago I was a photo major. This past fall I finished a class in photojournalism. Unless it is a breaking news story, you just can't do it. You *cannot* take a picture of a person (for your profit) and use it without that person's permission. If it is a public event, like a festival, you are on okay ground. If you single out one person in that group and sell and or use a pix of his/her likeness, trouble. It does not matter if it an art book, cookbook or the Book of Job. You need a model release signed by that person. If it appears for publication or distribution you have to get pemission. This is true for news, art, hoochie magazines and new forms of distribution. If you accept ads on your video blog and you post a pix of someone without their permission you are in a world of trouble. Get the release or do not display their image. From Photosecrets.com: "Almost half the states in the US recognize that individuals have a right of publicity. The right of publicity gives an individual a legal claim against one who uses the individual's name, face, image, or voice for commercial benefit without obtaining... [View]

Re: New Member here – I tried but could not see any of your videos

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 3, 2005 | Post #15726 | Topic #15697

I kept getting a "Not found" message a.k.a. 404. I tried the movies in 2000, 2004 which seem to be in mpg. I tried the movie in 2005 which is in wmv and still no go. ????? --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "adam4tvs" <adamazon@4...> wrote: > How do I let everyone know of my video blog? Been doing one > consistently (6-7 per month) since 1999! Really want to share it. [View]

Viewing Video Problems…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15741 | Topic #15729

When I click the links I got the not found message. I have Windows Media 10, QuickTime Pro 6.5, Updated Firefox, Real Alternative and Flash. Plus I got a couple of other media players hidden in the pile. I'll try to save them to my disk but if they are over 5mb I can't do it, on dial-up. I'll let you know in a bit. Also not to jump in on Markus answer to your question, you can just go to Feedburner, enter the name of your site and select a few options and presto chango you are in feedland. I used Bloglines to double check my post is being picked up correctly and it was perfect. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "adam4tvs" <adamazon@4...> > > Gena - not sure what the problem is - you can't even download the > files? They're all working on my end. If it's a problem playing them > - just download windows media player 10 (there's one for macs too) - > if it's something else though...lemme know. [View]

Sorry Kid – only got one to play

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15744 | Topic #15729

It was an http://www.4tvs.com/media/sets/harry.mpg when i clicked it downloaded and opened in WMP. You seem to be very creative and I'm willing to check out more of your stuff. I tried to save the others but there was only a .gif image file, no actual location for the video. I got a message that "the link could not be found, its location may have changes." I did notice that some of the videos was in an older format: http://www.4tvs.com/media/movieminded4_WMT1.asf Windows Media should be able to play that. It is an old legacy format form M$. But videos should be updated to a more current format. For the record, this is my week 4 or 5 and it does become easier, just got to move through the learning curve. http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com [View]

You are right, nothing is absolute

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15746 | Topic #15725

I can only relate what I was taught in class in the prior century and the current one. I was told that if I submitted photo to a magazine or newspaper for a non-news story I had to get a release. Advertisments photos must have release. And it isn't always about the money. If you represent a private citizen in a perceived harmful manner you can be held accountable. There are exceptions and maybe's and wiggling in the room. Most of use ain't gonna flip a dime doing what we do. But should you happen to hit the motherload and you don't have a release, ewww. Then again, McDonald was sued for having the coffee too hot. There are "litigation happy" lawyer everywhere ;-] [View]

Re: Viewing Video Problems…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15770 | Topic #15729

Gulp, okay. I'll put some extra Crow on the plate next to the cole slaw. So much to learn, so little time. Thanks. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Michael Verdi <michael@m...> wrote: > On Jul 3, 2005, at 11:32 PM, Gena wrote: > > > Also not to jump in on Markus answer to your question, you can just go > > to Feedburner, enter the name of your site and select a few options > > and presto chango you are in feedland. > > That only works if you're using a blog cms or if you point feedburner > to an existing feed. If you just plug in the address of a regular > website it won't work. > > -Verdi > http://michaelverdi.com > http://freevlog.org [View]

Re: You are right, nothing is absolute

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15772 | Topic #15725

Yikes - sorry it is from habit. I tend to do this in my email messages so I can find the response easy. I'll be good from now on. Unless I can have more fun being bad. Have a safe holiday everybody, carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians one and all. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Markus Sandy <markus@a...> wrote: > agreed, there can be issues> but rumor has it that these problems are nothing when compared tothe > wrath that can come down from group members if you keep changing the > subject line> especially if you do not quote what you are responding to it makes it hard to follow the thread (especially, if you are not one of the respondents or have lost the context) [View]

Re: Gena…

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15777 | Topic #15759

Adam, don't sweat it. If you have confirmed that the videos are up and running then I will see what it is on my side that prevents it. It may be a conflict with one of my anti-spyware packages or with my browser settings. As far as conformity - don't. You don't have to have a feed. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I want to be careful here cuz I've put my foot in my mouth twice this weekend. For bloggers like myself who have x-amount of technical skills and use services like Blogger to set up blogs & display videos, subscribing to Feedster makes it easy for other folks to pick up my content. You have a stand alone website. You might have to employ other methods to draw visitors to your site. There might be java script solutions just waiting for you to find it. I don't know, others here are much more skilled in that area. Maybe the new Apple whizbang can help draw folks to your site. Or a combination of traditional/viral advertising, networking, finding affliations and on and on. This is just one part of a much greater whole. Keep paving you path and pass the catsup. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Adam Kontras" <adamazon@4...> wrote: > I am completely befuddled by your problems. I've checked from 3 > computers - had about 7 people check from all over the world... [View]

Online Journalisms Awards – For those that Video blog news

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 4, 2005 | Post #15793 | Topic #15793

I swear, this is part of my homework that I am catching up on. I stumble into stuff like this all the time. http://www.journalist.org/awards/archives/000269.php If you are interested check it out. There is an entry fee depending on the number of visitors to your site. There are a number of catagories that some of you fit into. This contest is run by the Online Journalism Association and the USC Annenberg School of Communications. http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com [View]

EFF Legal Guide For Bloggers

By Gena | "Gena" <compumavengal@...> | compumavengal
July 8, 2005 | Post #16286 | Topic #16286

Just catching up on the copyright usage issue. I should be honest about something before I continue: 1. I am an information packrat. 2. I can't help it. Really. Give me a little and I want more info. 3. Remember the kid in class that when she read her report the whole class groaned? She is me. I have gotten better but... Okay, I'll keep it short. The Electronic Freedom Foundation has a section of their web site for people like us, bloggers (not info packrats) http://www.eff.org/bloggers/lg/ Stuff like: Copyright Legal Liability FAQ on Intellectual Property FAQ on Right to Privacy Issues and FAQ on Questions - a juicy and informative bit of reading that can keep your fanny out of the firing line. This is U.S. based so the rules in your neck of the woods might be different. This is just a starting point, not all questions are answered but take what you can and pass it on. **** http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com [View]