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June 1, 2004 | Post #3 | Topic #3

Notes on Video Blogging By nature a blog is <sum> open source <sum> colla= borative <sum> dialog <sum> accumulative <sum> contemporary The `author a= s diarist' seems to be the proto-language of the blog. Like the painterly = photo, or the film as `photoplay', or the TV as tiny proscenium theatre, b= logging takes its first steps in the shoes of a preceding technology. And= it is a very appropriate language to start with as blogging shares many c= ommon traits with letter writing / diary keeping =96 it is periodic, its i= s a dialog and unlike say, a phone conversation, it is author-centric(very= much 1st person in its content) and it is a cumulative form of story te= lling. Being a diarist in that way doesn't appeal to me, personally. I'm = more interested in the element of accumulation - a buildup of content to = give relevance to the form =96 that meaning establishes itself over time. = Adding video to this form will allow the medium to truly come into its ow= n and begin establishing its unique language. So, what can a video blog do= or rather, what can I do with a video blog that I cannot do with other me= diums? It attracts me because of this unique combination of traits in a vi= sual medium. It is irrelevant to me if its content is edited or `real' or = `art'. What is... [View]


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June 15, 2004 | Post #16 | Topic #16

Hi all- my first post was a intro to my recent thoughts on the blog, its language, and use. My background is in art, I work with photography and video. Currently working for a docu filmmaker. Im obsessed with the ideologies and philosophy of media and communication. I learned to program Basic when I was eight, but I have no contemporary programming skills. My first amazing experience with the web was in 1999. My friend and I drove across US and made daily image/text posts on a website. We didn't call it a blog, we called it Janepage. I'm thrilled to dig into this great discussion However, im swamped today. Still, i wanted to extend an invite to yous in NYC I'll be screening the first episode of my mnn(nyc cable access/jay's work) tonight at Remote Lounge - on Bowery btw 2-3rd sts,7-9pm [View]

Re: Who else wants to join?

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June 23, 2004 | Post #89 | Topic #81

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "petertheman" <peter@p...> wrote: > Come on people! Who else wants to post a little video today and join > videoblogging week? Go on. It's easier than it looks, and don't worry > about the movies being bad, that's ok. The point is to just get > posting. Just do it. Make a video while you're reading this message > of yourself, and post that! We're videoblogging geeks, we like > *everything*. > > Peter - heya- im really enjoying watching/reading all this my first instinct is to jump in and give feedback about what i am seeing in terms of content/structure also eager to try my out own ideas and get your responses but i can be the example of an adverage person honestly it is too difficult for me im lost i dont even feel justifeid in being more than an observer here this weekend i will give my ibook some love and try to figure out a very simple way for someone as utterly clueless as me to put even some very short, low-res moving image s up on internet on a day-to-day basis more than likely ill be very frustrated and need some serious handholding i set my self to this task about a year ago all i did was use 'fetch' to ftp quick time files into my website via my very slo dial up connection it didnt take long to upload and... [View]

Re: context for paper

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June 23, 2004 | Post #93 | Topic #92

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Aisling Kelliher <aisling@m...> wrote: > hi all, > > i should have mentioned - the media fabrics paper i cited is for the BT > Technology Journal and will be published at the end of summer, 2004. > > aisling I just skimmed intro and im very excited to read it two names immediately came to mind sadie plant - i recently read her book 'zero's and ones' grahame weinbren - writes about and makes 'interactive cinema' my work just made a film about his ideas [View]

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June 29, 2004 | Post #210 | Topic #210

I'm a week late for official 'video blogging week' ,but im going to put a daily video up for the duration of my free trial month at typepad. Im taking cues from what people are talking about and doing in this group. you can check it out at http://publicaddress.typepad.com/hello/ rock m [View]

Re: Craige's progress

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July 7, 2004 | Post #277 | Topic #262

im frustrated just reading about it. i have an olympus c3030 that i have used to make QT movies for web but i work on a mac. must have been simple or i wouldnt have been able to figure it out. did the olympus 'camedia' program have any support for the mov. files? I'll ask around too. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "garbonzothebean" <craige@c...> wrote: > My progress (I hope posting here about my slow-going attempts to get > up and running is the right thing to do): > > I downloaded the mov-converter from winMPG. It came with very little > support or guidance and there were numerous things I had to choose > from that I am not familiar with, such as codec. I tried many > different combinations and kept coming up with errors. > > I then downloaded a similar program from River Past called Video > Cleaner: http://www.riverpast.com/en/prod/videocleaner/index.php > It has plenty of support and a good tutorial on exactly how to use > the program, with screen shots. However, the program kept saying that > my .mov files were not in a recognizable movie format. Argh!!! > > I am thoroughly frustrated that my Olympus' video function is so > difficult to use on my PC. I think my next step will be to try to > find evidence of others with the same camera discussing the video > function. > > -Craige [View]

some kinda videoblog tool?

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July 13, 2004 | Post #298 | Topic #298

http://www.dabra.com/templates/videoblog/index.html did this already get posted here? [View]

some other kinda videoblog tool

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July 13, 2004 | Post #301 | Topic #301

Eric's rockin party time blog

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July 13, 2004 | Post #304 | Topic #298

Eric's site is looking great! all the tiny movies started going at once and it was like a crazy little party on the screen. the new little video's are really nice not that i dont like seeing you, but i really enjoy seeing WHAT YOU SEE (content) and HOW you see it (form). i also like the idea he has about a game/friendster/weblog experiment im down to try something like that id love to start a videoblog thats like a chainletter or 'exquisite corpse'- im so ready for something more interactive-y Lets! my own daily postings have been going well the idea was that a month of posting daily would be practice and id have a handle on some technique -( i'm still getting there) but i also think looking back on a month of posts will help figure out where im going with content i hightly recoment this excercise it also keeps me from getting to precious with the video - --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Rice" <eric@e...> wrote: > I don't normally like to self-post, okay I lied, but did you guys peek at the videos in my TV > area? http://eric.blognews.com/blog/TVVideo > > Starting halfway down the page, I've been a little blog happy lately. I'm always blog.happy. > ;-) > [View]

forgot to plug my thingy

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July 13, 2004 | Post #305 | Topic #305

in case you are like 'what's she talkin about?': http://publicaddress.typepad.com [View]

Re: Eric's rockin party time blog

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July 14, 2004 | Post #319 | Topic #298

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Rice" <eric@e...> wrote: > Whoa whoa, wait, they started playing at once? Or did you maniacally click play on all of > those? Its possible - ill check it out again but calmly, this time. [View]

songandance blog

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July 14, 2004 | Post #320 | Topic #110

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "petertheman" <peter@p...> wrote: > > > > Welcome Deirdre! Any fan of Buffy is a friend of mine! ;-) > > > > There's one in every crowd. Sometimes more. ; ) > > Just don't mention the musical episode. Ever. I don't want to > inspire us videobloggers... > > P Too late- besides, musicals are my favorite! just you wait... [View]

Re: Fire on Dane

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July 14, 2004 | Post #321 | Topic #316

hi steve - you live in JP? Im working on a docu film, several of the characters live there, i feel like I now the area. anyways - it'll be interesting to see if local news would pick up video from you, like that tho your images are a little(a lot) more sty;ish that usual news footage [View]

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July 19, 2004 | Post #356 | Topic #356

Adrien- Grahame Weinbren just directed me to your site- as someone who'd be able to offer advice. Small world. __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Vote for the stars of Yahoo!'s next ad campaign! http://advision.webevents.yahoo.com/yahoo/votelifeengine/ [View]

and another ?

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July 19, 2004 | Post #359 | Topic #359

my friend charlene is up and running now at: http://crule.typepad.com [View]

mix n' mash

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July 27, 2004 | Post #430 | Topic #424

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay Dedman <jay@m...> wrote: > screw copyrights. my thoughts exactly! this came up recently as an issue for charlene, when a fellow vb experimentor remixed her video, her thoughts : http://crule.typepad.com/scratch/2004/07/im_saying_its_f.html#c omments and for me as well, my brother and sara explain it in this video: http://publicaddress.typepad.com/hello/2004/07/download_my_g re.html#comments I am so excited that someone would want to remake one of the online posts for their own. This is something i intend to push - its part of what this medium, by nature, allows for. Ultimately, it is a dialog-exchange-mash-up, whatever you want to call it. FYI - a pioneer in this kind playing is Christian Marclay. Among other things, he is known for taking two records literally smashing them into peices, putting them back together and playing the resulting creation. TOMORROW he will be speaking about his work in NYC at Eyebeam 540W 21st . 8-10pm. http://www.eyebeam.org/about/calendar.html > We need so many more examples. > so the question is: > what's the next step? where are we heading? > what are we waiting for? Personally, I would like to see this used by kids asap - they will create the new language. im thinking, ill try to get some of the HS kids i worked with last semester to do one about applying for college this year? any other ideas y'all? [View]

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July 28, 2004 | Post #438 | Topic #438

http://crule.typeppad.com An independent world is develpoing inside this blog. Perhaps, the videos are little vignettes that tell diffrent parts of one story? perhaps story lines will develop only to split off, go in their own different directions and converge again at various points. perhaps they will converge with images and stories from other videoblogs or copyrighted sources..only time will tell. [View]

where's the canadian vb's

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August 4, 2004 | Post #547 | Topic #547

cant remembr if i posted this here before http://zed.cbc.ca open source tv loads of content members upload and then canada puts it on the tv? [View]

another one!

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August 6, 2004 | Post #563 | Topic #563

apparently there is a very real connection between videoblogs and karaoke.. i knew it!!! http://olsenebright.com/archives/000428.html [View]

wow this one is GOOD

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August 6, 2004 | Post #564 | Topic #564