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Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha!

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
November 22, 2004 | Post #1916 | Topic #1896

I too would appreciate a step-by-step manual (downloadable ebook) or demonstration videoblog. A mock vlog with glossary terms for each component. And a service guide to various videoblogging host and tools thats categoried by end users skill level(beginner, immediary, guru). Also, with the ebook manual you include practice exercises to help get beginners up and running. Other suggestions: Video capturing equipment guide Listing videophones, digicams and webcams that are ideal for videoblogging(mp4 vs avi format) Also, indicate if videoblogging services and tools are free or not. If someone could provide the content, I be happily willing to assemble it. It would be great marketing tool to recruit new members. Subject: Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha! Don't worry Clueless, I think everybody here is trying to figure stuff out. But you are right, ok, one thing at a time. Relax! Posting videos is fun. However, I do think (and I am a heavy-duty techie) that video blogging is too hard to do for the non-tech. What I think really needs to be figured out, so we can tell new folks, non-techs, and even the press is probably: (a) "best format to post with" (some thing that EVERYBODY can use/watch) (b) A place to get started to easily post stuff (maybe http://vblogcenteral or something) (c) Explainations of simple jargon like: TrackBack and what a news feed is. > Help me out people! Can't someone already in the know post a simple >... [View]

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
December 4, 2004 | Post #2193 | Topic #2193

Hi, Videobloggers, I'm glad to see how this group is going. Individual encounter a problem and we collectively come up with a solution. It think that someone should organizing all these how-to and placing a knowledge base document? EXAMPLES. Solutions for branding video The idea is for us all to share our own ways of getting around a certain issue. There's more ways that one wayy to skin a cat. or in our case videoblog. We could arrange topics into categories (SOLUTIONS FOR PCS/ AND MACS/GETTING STARTED/TOPIC IDEAS FOR VIDEOBLOGGING S/ HOW TO TELL A STORY/ TOOLS AND HOW -TO/ ETC./ --YOU GET THE IDEA) ====================================================== From: Cassius Bullemhead <cassiusbullemhead@...> Subject: Branding in MovieMaker 12-step program for adding brand to bottom of video in Windows Movie Maker: 1. Make sure your display is set to "Timeline" 2. Lay in your video 3. Go to TOOLS > TITLES AND CREDITS 4. Select "Add Title on the Selected Clip in the Timeline" 5. Enter your text 6. Go to More options > Change Title Animation 7. Select "Subtitle" 8. Go to More options > Change Text Font and Color 9. Select a font that is easily readable when small and a color that contrasts to your video 10. Click the Size-down button (An "A" with a down arrow next to it) until it appears small enough in your preview window (I use the smallest setting) 11. Set position to either right or... [View]

My Reply to Your Comments

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
December 5, 2004 | Post #2219 | Topic #2219

Thank you ladies. You brought up for great ideas to "ways" this could be done. I love when folks open their mind to think outside the box. We need have a way to record and document this suggestions, ideas and concept in an organized fashion for future vloggers to browse. I've been lurking for sometime so I thought appropriate to start contribution to the broader discussion. Videoblogging is such promising medium. I want to see it take off and open the doors for others to follow. Kinda reminds me of the old BBS days when the net was pure and unspoiled by the dotcom madison ave types. >>From: Lisa Harper <lisah2u@...> >>Copy and pasting this stuff in the wiki (or linking to your own blog >>article on this) sure seems like the right start. I, for one, will be >>glad to do this in the future. >>From: "courtwms777" <courtwms777@...> >>Subject: (in response to organizing group info... >>Good point, Jay. In fact, I awoke this morning with the thought that >>since gmail allows one to search for specific topics and has such a >>huge space allotment, that perhaps a 'common access' gmail account >>could be set up, all the postings get emailed to the gmail account >>and thus get gmail to do all the 'dirty work' of organizing stuff. I was playing around with Yahoo RSS Feed service and set this up on a friend's website (www.oyasound.com). I coded with iframe... [View]

Video editing Freeware

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
December 5, 2004 | Post #2222 | Topic #2222

I heard member inquiring about tools for video editting their vlogs. Well there a yahoogroups that I belong to that has a list of freeware that you could to edit your stuff. http://yahoogroups.com/groupFree4Filmmakerz/files You can subscribe and get the list. --- On the topic of video editing, I think we need to add links that explains that whole process. It think it would be helpful to some members with non-editing experience. JV ________________________________________________________________ Juno Gift Certificates Give the gift of Internet access this holiday season. http://www.juno.com/give [View]

CORRECTION: Freeware Link

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
December 5, 2004 | Post #2232 | Topic #2232

Oops!! The correct url is http://yahoogroups.com/group/free4filmmakerz/files ________________________________________________________________ Juno Gift Certificates Give the gift of Internet access this holiday season. http://www.juno.com/give [View]