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little intro

By studiomuscle | "studiomuscle" <hendrik@...> | studiomuscle
June 9, 2004 | Post #7 | Topic #7

Hi all, strange coincidence but i am also Belgian, live in ghent but I work in antwerp, at a firm called alcatel. Spare time is filled in with making movies for my friends and myself and fooling around with film in general. In "professional" life i work at research department where - right now - i am dong several projects related to communities, social networks and TV applications Cheers hendrik [View]

Re: [videoblogging] Digest Number 1060

By Hendrik Dacquin | Hendrik Dacquin <hendrik@...> | studiomuscle
August 25, 2005 | Post #20925 | Topic #20925

heylaba! I have been lurking this mailing list from the day it started I s= uppose and have finally found the time to make a true videoblog.However I d= on't know if it qualifies as a true videoblog, the posts are really all sor= ts of shorts movies I am making, not commentaries on my life or dairy notes= . They are not about me but they do reflect who i am though. Well you're al= l free to visit it of course ;-) http://www.studiomuscle.com/blog/archives= /category/video/ Most stuff is shot on a sony trv-900 edited in Liquid Edi= tion or Adobe Premiere Pro and encoded in Windows Media 9 VBR 512 Kbps clip= s. I know apple users could have troubles seeing the movies (Idont have a c= lue actually, I - like many Europeans - am a pc user :-) ). I am using ourm= edia and biptv to host the vlogs. Like everyone I had much troubles with up= loading large files to ourmedia, I found biptv much more responsive and acc= essible. Anyone, check it out if you like absurdish nonsense, only to be m= ade in Belgium. Cheerio Hendrik http://www.studiomuscle.com/blog/ [View]