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By Yaron Samid | "Yaron Samid" <yaron@...> | yaron_samid
June 15, 2004 | Post #12 | Topic #12

Hello all, I'm an entrepreneur in NYC that has recently secured funding for my broadband media startup. Our product/network will enable anyone to broadcast DVD quality video over the Internet to an unlimited number of viewers at no cost. I'm particularly passionate about helping video bloggers and independent content producers to get their visual stories to the world by entirely bypassing the bureaucracy of traditional offline distribution channels and the technical, quality and cost limitations of streaming video online. I believe strongly that if you give the world a free, easy-to-use self-publishing tool for securely distributing (and even monetizing) video online, it would ignite the minds and imagination of thousands of creative people around the world that would otherwise never have their content seen by anyone outside of their immediate circle of friends and family. While most of the content would be relevant only to their producer and perhaps close friends (much like text-based blogs) I believe there are hidden gems out there that the masses would eagerly and loyally consume if they could easily find it, `subscribe' to it, and watch it (instantly, clearly and full screen) on their IP-enabled device of choice, whenever they want. Our business plan is counting on it and I would love your help to validate some of our thinking and product concepts. Just the fact that we were able to secure funding from a major VC with video blogging as a central premise... [View]

Re: BloggerVision

By Yaron Samid | "Yaron Samid" <yaron@...> | yaron_samid
June 15, 2004 | Post #14 | Topic #12

Great question and point Adrian, and thanks for playing devils advocate, the most important part of innovating a new idea/product is having people smarter then you shoot holes in it until its actually worth something. Quality of service, namely picture quality (resolution and screen size) is important to mainstream viewer adoption. Its been proven time and again in the media world. Cable TV killed that antenna on top of your old TV set because of picture quality, not because of the 100 channels you never watch. You'll be switching to and paying extra for HDTV soon to. That being said, I've always felt the plumbing is only worth the shit it delivers. Picture quality or not, you're 100% correct, content is THE main driver of viewership and always will be. I would think picture quality is relevant for video bloggers as well, whether they shoot a 15 second "life moment" or 5 minute short movie -- you put in the time to produce the content, isn't it a shame to have it seen in a choppy 200X100 window? Before you answer that, let me just say that it is entirely up to you. Our goal is not to enforce any production value standards on video bloggers, just to facilitate the publishing and distribution of their video files, regardless of its size. The key value to video bloggers is that its an free and easy way to publish video online. If... [View]

RE: [videoblogging] BloggerVision

By Yaron Samid | "Yaron Samid" <yaron@...> | yaron_samid
June 15, 2004 | Post #20 | Topic #12

------=_NextPart_000_0017_01C452D8.2F029B10 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable The solution for memory, space, bandwidth and cost limitations associated w= ith today's central streaming server architecture is to completely decentra= lize the distribution of the videos. Viewer PC bandwidth and storage is in = abundance these days and significantly underutilized. That's we're technolo= gies such as P2P and RSS along with self-publishing and content management = innovations come into play. Video blogging is archived (not real-time) by n= ature, which makes it ideal for P2P-based distribution. I know you've been = discussing BitTorrent powered RSS enclosures for video subscription and del= ivery - that's a great place to being experimenting. Now imagine a push-but= ton desktop publishing tool and global network leveraging the efficiencies = of P2P with the convenience of a viewer experience embedded directly in you= r blog. Subscribed viewers are notified of your new post, launch your site,= and watch the video (which has already been delivered in the background to= their local disk) directly in your blog post. No server space, memory, or = bandwidth costs whatsoever. Does that model work? -y -----Origi= nal Message----- From: Jay Dedman [mailto:jay@...] Sent: Tuesday, June= 15, 2004 8:21 AM To: videoblogging@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [videoblog= ging] BloggerVision The other problem is memory and bandwidth. If I pos= t a 10 second video(200k) every day, I will run out of server space pretty= quickly. I dont want to erase my archives. Imagine if I... [View]

Videoblog definition

By Yaron Samid | "Yaron Samid" <yaron@...> | yaron_samid
June 28, 2004 | Post #187 | Topic #187

Is there a definition of 'what a videoblog is' that we all or mostly agree on? [View]