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By Aisling Kelliher | Aisling Kelliher <aisling@...> | recklessbrother
June 23, 2004 | Post #88 | Topic #88

hi jay and company. i finished working on the cinemaware application last year. because of the research space that we were working in at the time and the communities of participants using the tool, we never implemented the ftp function as volume throughput at any one time wasn't that huge. it was just as straightforward to sling the videos and annotations up on the weblog, as the focus of the work was more on getting folks involved in making many mini-movies and commenting afterwards. excuses, excuses :) anyway, now i'm working on a tool for series 60 cellphones called movits for making multimedia presentations on your cellphone for exchanging between phones/publishing on blogs. the idea is to have people create image/audio/video/text presentations using templates that they can populate with content then send to others to co-construct something larger together. i haven't had coffee yet today so i'm a bit incoherent - you can read more about it here: http://web.media.mit.edu/~aisling/publications/MediaFabrics.pdf i also have been working on an image/video blog here:http://themauve.net/mf/ where everything is captured and posted from cellphones, hence the lovely video quality. it began as a way of documenting the recovery of my friend from knee surgery. some of the videos are especially delicious, like this one : http://themauve.net/mf/04/04/16-not-for-the-squeamish-mov.html there's some stats i put together on this experimental blog use/topic development here : http://themauve.net/mf/stats.html that i'm hoping will help me build a more reflective and engaging tool for participants. i... [View]

Re: cinemaware/movits

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 23, 2004 | Post #90 | Topic #88

> http://web.media.mit.edu/~aisling/publications/MediaFabrics.pdf I like the paper - reading it now! Peter [View]