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The Dane

Re: Adrian's Flash vs. QT Analysis

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
August 25, 2004 | Post #933 | Topic #906

> Adrian Miles wrote: > 1. most of what you can script in flash you can script > in QT > 2. this is the world's best kept secret > 3. it is no harder than scripting flash, just different > 4. qt *is* the architecture for time based media > 5. flash *is* the architecture for animation that now > wants to be time based media > 6. flash is still quite 'thick' when it comes to the > level of granularity it supports for video (though i > may have that arse about) > 7. flash has fantastic installed userbase which makes > it hegemonically better > 8. qt 6 fully reads flash 5 (and the best work in qt > uses flash) > 9. how did flash get here? > i. because graphic designers took to the web. > ii. graphic designers can draw (we can't, were film > makers, thre's a difference). > iii. flash let graphic designers become proto-film makers > iv. (think aboiut it, you're a graphic designer, nothing > moves. now you're an interactive artist/author/designer, > the difference is staggering.) > v. (think about it. you're a designer. frames per second > doesnt' exist. you now have 12fps. you're a filmmaker. > 24fps full screen is default. "What, I get 320x240 at > 12fps, isn't that going backwards?") > vi. graphic designers understood the web, used Flash, became > web artists. got their... [View]

Re: question

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
August 29, 2004 | Post #1001 | Topic #948

Regarding the size/bandwidth question, I think we're currently trapped in this strange middleland where a good chunk of people are on broadband but, simultaneously, another (sizable) chunk are still in dial-up no man's land. My family lives in Romania and they're stuck at a 56k. They value not tying up the phone and so being on the net for more than fifteen minnuts at a time is out of the question (or at least rare). They are willing to occassionally download my videos (which range from 1 to 3 MB), but while I was visiting, I wanted to show them the exploding whale movie (at 10 MB) and they laughed at me. And if my family - who is in the medium realm of tech-savvy - still uses dial- up and mostly sees the net as a place to collect email and get sports scores and shop Amazon, then there's likely a fair amount of the internet-using world out there that feels the same. Here's where the middleland dichotomy comes in though. The town where my parents and brother live is in the midst of change. My parents apartment is now in the section of town that is at least offering cable connections. My brother, across town, still has no choice. While many of the more (I hesitate to say it) first world nations are making broadband almost normative, other regions that are very net-active still have to suffer through... [View]

Award Nomination

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
August 29, 2004 | Post #1002 | Topic #1002

Incidentally, I thought this was kinda cool. I am one of three final nominees on diarist.net for an award category, Best Use of Multimedia in a Site (I presume in a blog-type site). Link: http://diarist.net/awards/nominees-site.html ... They describe the category as so: Recognizes excellence in use of audio (RealAudio, WAV, MIDI), video (RealVideo, QuickTime, AVI), and multimedia plug-ins (Flash), both in the quality of the specific media used and how well it enhances the overall journal experience. Any format, whether industry-standard or proprietary, is acceptible provided the needed software is freely available. However, the breadth of the overall audience (access to users of older browsers and the equivalent plug-ins) is a factor. I don't think I deserve to win, but I DO think its cool that people are starting to pay attention to multi-media presentation as a part in personal journaling/personal reporting/blogging/whathaveyou. A year ago, I wasn't even aware that other people were vidblogging. Now, with the help of forums like this and the fact that we're doing what we're doing, the web's becoming a much more interesting place (knock on wood). Pax, The Dane http://nowheresville.us [View]

Re: videoblogging in India

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
September 13, 2004 | Post #1150 | Topic #1148

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay Dedman <jay@m...> wrote: > Peter who helped start this group is now in India. > the goal is to videoblog his experinece...but he's > finding it more chanllenging than he thought. he > dropped a note. I actually experienced similar difficulties recently while travelling in Eastern Europe. Occasionally, I would find a cafe with something relatively close to what we might call broadband, but for the most part, i was stuck in 56k limbo. And there was absolutely no way on earth I could download Flash MX (my platform) onto my family's computer at such speeds. Even uploading a one-and-a-half meg unedited videoclip was daunting. I probably could have forced the issue and toughed it out in order to post in-the-moment vidblogs, but the hassle of waiting ten or fifteen minutes to load a file really took the wind out of my sails. So really, I empathize with Peter and his plight. The Dane [View]