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By contactmica | "contactmica" <contactmica@...> | contactmica
June 1, 2004 | Post #3 | Topic #3

Notes on Video Blogging By nature a blog is <sum> open source <sum> colla= borative <sum> dialog <sum> accumulative <sum> contemporary The `author a= s diarist' seems to be the proto-language of the blog. Like the painterly = photo, or the film as `photoplay', or the TV as tiny proscenium theatre, b= logging takes its first steps in the shoes of a preceding technology. And= it is a very appropriate language to start with as blogging shares many c= ommon traits with letter writing / diary keeping =96 it is periodic, its i= s a dialog and unlike say, a phone conversation, it is author-centric(very= much 1st person in its content) and it is a cumulative form of story te= lling. Being a diarist in that way doesn't appeal to me, personally. I'm = more interested in the element of accumulation - a buildup of content to = give relevance to the form =96 that meaning establishes itself over time. = Adding video to this form will allow the medium to truly come into its ow= n and begin establishing its unique language. So, what can a video blog do= or rather, what can I do with a video blog that I cannot do with other me= diums? It attracts me because of this unique combination of traits in a vi= sual medium. It is irrelevant to me if its content is edited or `real' or = `art'. What is most interesting to me is that it provides a way to tell a= story that could eliminate worn-out narrative forms without relying on `= postmodern' or ironic or self-aware tricks, most of which are rapidly beco= ming traps. so anyways, I know that you are primarily concerned at present= , with the technical issues of making this happen, but I have no doubt yo= u will. I am chomping at the bit to enact some of my ideas and thrilled to= have a diverse group people experimenting and analyzing in the same way. = Yea! hoping i can get some of my more technically adept friends to joins= us soon(and make up for my own ineptness in the area.)