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Bland Turd here

By ctgirl812003 | "ctgirl812003" <amanda@...> | ctgirl812003
November 20, 2004 | Post #1883 | Topic #1883

Hello Everyone. This Amanda from Rocketboom aka bland turd... what's up shannon ;) how you feeling today? In a good mood? Cool. Anyway, thanks for all the feedback everyone. It's really been interesting, and some of it very constructive. Thanks especially to Deirdre who so well articulated what I've been thinking as I've been reading through these comments. It amazes me that some people are so bound to stereotypes that they automatically think I'm some vacuous idiot because I am a professional actress. Please. Check yourself. M. Sean Gilligan: I too think it would be cool to do some behind the scenes stuff, if not as a part of the show, as some kind of extra. But, as Andrew said, Josh is now living pretty far outside of the city so is not as involved in the production as we would love him to be (we miss you josh!) and no one in the world could convince Andrew to get in front of the camera. And that's his choice, so it's cool. However, we are looking into having someone else come on to the show once in a while to change things up a bit. It's a possibility. About "my voice": I understand what you are saying-- and it is a script. But it is not entirely written by Andrew. Most of it is. And some of it is written by Josh. And a little by me. Like many shows (notice I use the word "shows" and not vlogs), Rocketboom is a collection of voices, which is what I think makes it unique as a vlog. Things come up not infrequently that I nix, because I just don't jive with them or whatever. Either I will suggest something different to do, or collaboratively we will come up with something entirely new. Because we respect each others opinions and ideas it works. A lot of the times (especially this week) it has been Andrew coming into the studio with a rough script, and we will finish it together. Then there are the times (like with the Chris Christmas Rodriguez episode yesterday) that Andrew will come in with a video that he is excited about and I will come up with a funny way to introduce it. So you're right it's not "my voice" it's "our voice" and that's how we want it to be so that's never going to change. One thing that Rocketboom will never be is a vlog where I just turn on the camera in my bedroom and start speaking. Not that that isn't COMPLETELY valid and rockin'. It's just not what Rocketboom is. It is a show. A show on the internet. Call it TV or whatever you want. Does the label matter that much? Anyway, enough said for now. Whether you hate Rocketboom or love it keep the comments coming. We're totally into it. Peace~~ Amanda