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can't get media player to work

By Corey Kronengold | "Corey Kronengold" <ckronengold@...> | ckronengold
October 3, 2004 | Post #1342 | Topic #1342

what am I doing wrong? I'm trying to use IE's built in mediaplayer to play video off of my site. I've got 2 implementations - one is using an adserver (my company) to stream video from, and that seems to be working ok (jazzguitar guy on my site) just following the code from other sites, i tried to link an image to video on my own server, which is giving me an error. when you click on the image that is linked to the video, it opens the mediaplayer, but wont play the conent. my blog: http://www.theviewfrommysofa.com/wordpress/ the top post is linked to video on my server. the jazzguitar guy in the other post launches a new window that plays the video. any thoughts?