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Christophe from Belgium

By christophe_bouten | "christophe_bouten" <chrisbouten@...> | christophe_bouten
June 2, 2004 | Post #5 | Topic #5

Hallo everyone, My name is Christophe Bouten, and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I have recently launched what people would normally define as a personal website, http://www.voetbalenzo.be (sorry, it is in Dutch!). But actually it's also a weblog, a videoblog, a small community site, and an intranet. Which shows that integration is perfectly possible, and that web content management is a broad term that can mean anything you want. You just have to find the right tools for the right job...and depending on the message you want to deliver, choose for words, pictures or even video shots. I know that it's not the purpose of this group to cover your own site, but I thought it could be interesting to have a short introduction on my own practical case. About videoblogging now. On one section of the site I explain my experiences in buying and renovating a house. I've indeed recently bought a house in Lier, and now people can read about it and see small video entries (http://www.voetbalenzo.be/index.php?id=605&backPID=456&tt_news=88) of what we are doing in the house. My major goal is to share my experiences about that whole process with other people. And video offers often much more possibilities to explain something than words. And of course it is potentially much more universal, much more multilingual. On my site for instance people without knowledge of Dutch won't be able to read my texts, but nevertheless they will understand where we are in the `house building process' when they look at the video entries. I will be glad to share my experiences with videoblogs in this group. Regards Christophe