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Creating Simple Videoblogging Tools

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> |
November 11, 2004 | Post #1756 | Topic #1756

I used to do alot javascript apps back in the day. Is there a way to use the following coding language to design an online tool either to automate the process or to generate code. Online tools to automate the creative process: 1. Videoblogging Video Player- to display everybody's video within a TV-like screen and remote control-like navigation(ALPHA) 2. Videoblogging SMIL Code Generater - to create text caption and hyperlinks to include in QT movies(ALPHA) Here's the puzzle pieces. Can someone figure out a way to make them work together to do what we want. Pieces of the Puzzle: Javascript The heart of the app's functionality Reference: You can find sample codes for examples on how to create functionality in app. http://www.javascripts.com Dynamic HTML Create Hidden menus/pages, keystroke selection, etc. 2 framed HTML container(video and video selection) RSS Feed Makes it easy to create dynamic content Convert RSS Feed to Javascript to include in webpage or web app Quicktime(Video format for both Mac & PC) SMIL movie allows hyperlink within video (Design app to automate process for authors) Visual Interface Solutions Flash or Java Flash It provides you a great way to show quick loading preview clips of larger videos(convenient for folks with only dial-up internet access) BitTorrent (Allow members to download larger video) Hyperlinks (Links to resouces like Archive.org, RSS2JS, etc.) Sometimes you can do some amazing things with simple coding language. If we could design a solution with this. We won't have to download anything and it would be cross platform/browser compatible. If you tried andcan't make it work, can someone please explain to me why in detail for my own future reference. (can we hack I appreciate your insight. I've have learn so much from reading post here. P.S. I thought you minght be interested in a p2p filmmaking tool called JahShaka. You visit http://www.jahshaka.com . JV ________________________________________________________________ Juno Platinum $9.95. Juno SpeedBand $14.95. Sign up for Juno Today at http://www.juno.com! Look for special offers at Best Buy stores.