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Divx: download and streaming

By Michael Manoochehri | "Michael Manoochehri" <michael@...> | mr_dont2001
November 18, 2004 | Post #1823 | Topic #1817

Noble Videobloggers I seek your advice! I am thinking of possibly setting up a streaming DivX/Mpeg-4 server, but I am a little confused about player support on Windows and Apple platforms. Does Quicktime Player have the ability to view "streamed" mpeg-4 or DivX files? How support on Windows Media Player on the Windows platform? Can anyone give me a quick rundown? I apologize for my ignorance! Also: (a) This is AWESOME: http://kenyattacheese.net/projects/vogbrowser/ GREAT WORK! I am very busy these days, but I am a PERL hacker.. what type of help are you looking for kenyattacheese.net? and (b) Has anyone heard of the BBC video project Dirac? [http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/projects/dirac/overview.shtml] "Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at resolutions from QCIF (180x144) to HDTV (1920x1080) progressive or interlaced." I think BBC is fed up with all the different codec factions, they want something universal. (but we already have divX/mpeg-4!) Thank you - and happy blogging! - Michael -- Michael Manoochehri michael@... http://www.m3blog.com