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Eric's rockin party time blog

By contactmica | "contactmica" <contactmica@...> | contactmica
July 13, 2004 | Post #304 | Topic #298

Eric's site is looking great! all the tiny movies started going at once and it was like a crazy little party on the screen. the new little video's are really nice not that i dont like seeing you, but i really enjoy seeing WHAT YOU SEE (content) and HOW you see it (form). i also like the idea he has about a game/friendster/weblog experiment im down to try something like that id love to start a videoblog thats like a chainletter or 'exquisite corpse'- im so ready for something more interactive-y Lets! my own daily postings have been going well the idea was that a month of posting daily would be practice and id have a handle on some technique -( i'm still getting there) but i also think looking back on a month of posts will help figure out where im going with content i hightly recoment this excercise it also keeps me from getting to precious with the video - --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Rice" <eric@e...> wrote: > I don't normally like to self-post, okay I lied, but did you guys peek at the videos in my TV > area? http://eric.blognews.com/blog/TVVideo > > Starting halfway down the page, I've been a little blog happy lately. I'm always blog.happy. > ;-) >