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flickr viewer movie

By David Wolf | David Wolf <dpwolf@...> | dpwolf3000
September 7, 2004 | Post #1120 | Topic #1120

Hello all, I've just put up a little Quicktime movie on my blog that lets you search for images from http://www.flickr.com a photo sharing site. http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~dpwolf/blogarchive/000249.html When users upload their photos they mark them up with metadata tags. These tags are searchable from the site and each has a RSS or ATOM feed associated with it. This movie lets you enter a tag and view the 10 most recent uploads for that term. The movie loads the images based on the contents of an RSS feed. I wonder how long it will be until similar sites pop up for video hosting/organisation/linking/social networking. It would be fairly simple to make a movie that accesses such as site if they used RSS + enclosure. The developers and marketing people at flickr seem to have a very good idea of what they are doing, it is so easy to upload pictures and it is addictive. The site seems to be growing very fast but it scares me a little that it is one company with one product. I can only use it to make contact with other flickr users. That's what's cool about videoblogging at the moment, people are putting up video on servers all over the place with different blogging engines and different media formats. It will be cool when ourmedia.org is up and running, I hope they take some hints from sites like flickr cheers Dave http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~dpwolf/blog/