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getting videoblogs to people on their couches

By Jay Dedman | Jay Dedman <jay@...> |
September 1, 2004 | Post #1048 | Topic #1048

Ive been obsessed lately with how to reach people on their couches. so i asked a guy i know to write us a description of the landscape we're in. _____________________ Well, Obviously this is all very timely as the BlogTorrent (formerly battle torrent) project is in the works. The goals of this new software will be to simplify the whole bittorrent experience. No ETA, yet. It will be cross-platform (Mac & PC). It is set to simplify the publishing, but consuming on TV is a whole other thing. The ideal, I believe, is a way to sit on the couch, select from blogs the content you want to get, and browse through stuff that you already downloaded. To do this, there is also another niche of nerds and that is the Home Theater PC or (HTPC). Think of these guys as doing TiVO like stuff in all kinds of custom and crazy ways with a computer. Some make custom systems as contractors for home theaters. The closest I've seen is that there is Linux software that will let you control BitTorrent from your living room, and browse blog content. But on the PC there are several that let you simply browse blog content on TV as well. I hope to be able with one of the Windows-based software packages to load up a media player on the TV when I spot video or audio in a blog post. The HTPC people are working from the other end of the spectrum: media formats. I've talked some with the WebJay (online media playlists from blogs!) guy and he knows intimately that the choice of media formats (Real, QT, Windows Media, DiVX, Xvid, and all those others) is also a problem for convergence of P2P media. It is hard to find software that works with all of these formats, and it is hard to connect. I think the WebJay guy is the closest to solving the most far-reaching and toughest problems. (this is Lucas Gonze, who's on in our group..Jay) So, my call to action, is for everyone to brush up on their search engine skills, and dive in! If you're technical enough to blog and post video, I imagine you can contribute at least *something* to a lot of these communities. Who knows? Experiment. th0m -- Jay Dedman Manhattan Neighborhood Network 537 West 59th NY NY 10019 212 757 2670 ext.312 http://www.mnn.org