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gnee.co.uk has uploads posted …what do you think?

By guru5571 | "guru5571" <guru5571@...> | guru5571
November 8, 2004 | Post #1677 | Topic #1677

First of all, video clips have been posted to my site: http://www.gnee.co.uk I believe most of these came from people in forums on a UK site 3g.co.uk. Now I don't know what Jay's opinion would be of these posts. I am fairly pleased with posts so far and they may not tell a story in full, but I think they are entertaining to watch. So I think there is some value there. More importantly I think when done properly, people can edit a short clip from a cameraphone that would have a link pointing to the site with a full video. My site just gives a quick taste of what's out there almost like an advertisement for a vidblog. I know cameraphones are fairly new but they are becoming more and more capable with astonishing speed. Once you have the video in some form, it doesn't matter if it came from a cellphone. You can upload it to your computer then edit and tell just as compelling a story as with video from any other camera. I think the great advantage of the camera phone is that you will be able to film all the things you never could before. Especially in those moments when you wished you had a camera. By virtue of the fact that so many people will carry them, so many more interesting things that happen without warning will be caught on video. Also, Adrian Miles mentioned in another post about being able to link one video clip with another. My website is able to do that in a rudimentary way.