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Hello from Blogumentary

By Chuck Olsen | Chuck Olsen <reallystinkyguy@...> | reallystinkyguy
July 25, 2004 | Post #408 | Topic #408

I've been meaning to drop by here and say howdy to you awesome people for a long time: Howdy. I'm Chuck Olsen, an independent filmmaker in Minneapolis, and I've been blogging since 2002. It didn't take me long to start throwing video up on my blog, making VLOG entries on protests, day-in-my-life, interviews on the street, live music, and other oddities. Some of these can be found on my (increasingly debilitated) old blog here: http://chuckolsen.blogspot.com/ My blog has always had your usual junk (politics, personal stuff, etc) but ostensibly the purpose is to document my journey documenting the blogosphere: Blogumentary. I started filming for Blogumentary last March and have posted many clips since then. I've done some travelling, but even better - thanks to the ubiquity of video cams and web cams - interviews have come to me from all around the world. Brazil, Australia, England, Portgugal, Canada. Decentralized filmmaking, in a way. I should also mention that my goal is to post all of my interview footage on archive.org. I call Blogumentary "the first open-source documentary" and my hope is that many blogumentaries will spring from my countless hours of footage. Right now I'm enmeshed in trying to create the film itself, which is premiering at a documentary film festival in Minneapolis this November. I'm still shooting of course.... (anyone familiar with the Plain Layne saga? I'm interviewing the man behind Layne tomorrow.) But the odd thing is, Blogumentary may never end as a web video project. I hope to always be documenting the blogosphere as it evolves, and enable anyone else to do the same and contribute to Blogumentary's hive mind. Does that make any sense? Once I get through all of this I'm cooking up an idea for a web-based blog tv show. We're in the middle of this incredible explosion of content and activity - we need an entertaining filter for the filters. Anyway, you can get a taste of my blog video content on the left sidebar of my blog: http://blogumentary.typepad.com Of course I have dozens of other little clips floating around in various posts. I'm hurting for a tool to organize and catalog all of this video, without being too time consuming. Maybe if I read the archives you've already solved this problem. :-) Sorry for the long post... we're taking over the motherfunking media. Democratizing media, democratizing entertainment, it's some kinda crazy revolution and my head is spinning. Cheers, Chuck __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - Send 10MB messages! http://promotions.yahoo.com/new_mail