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I hate my own post…

By Herve Humbert | "Herve Humbert" <herve.humbert@...> | isthereanidleftoutthere
August 9, 2004 | Post #623 | Topic #623

Ok, it is now 2h10 am and after having had a serious play with Ecto and Typepad as well as some reading of this group, I have decided to bother you with how to do proper videoblogging, post a question and eventually go to bed. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of posts here asking the usual beginners questions that I need to ask, I have seen a few but I would be eager to see may be a summary for Typepad users (I am on a plus version). If there is a post talking/summarising the main points, tell me that you hate my post to and let me know the most appropriate. I have been doing near-videoblogging for a month without even knowing so as I was doing video cards from Japan and dropping them on my blog for friends and family to pick them up. So if I can now do some streaming and post them directly on my blog that would be superb. I have already posted a "demand" to be alpha tester of vblog but my hopes are rather small. If I do not get so, is there any alternative option in the waiting? Also I am using Ulead to edit my video snaps, would you have recommendations of tools to make the compression more efficiently? Finally, does the likes of Steve Garfield use files plainly on Typepad or a hosting/streaming solution? Anyway, thanks for your help, Best, Herve http://zapa.blogs.com