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I'm Hiring

By Lee Wilkins | Lee Wilkins <lee@...> | lee_wilkins82
November 11, 2004 | Post #1777 | Topic #1777

Please visit my blog for more detail http://leewilkins.com/2004/11/11/im-hiring/ To do all things blog related and podcasting/videocasting related If you may know someone please pass this on Lee Wilkins http://leewilkins.com <T> +1 (713) 589 5803 <E> lee[at]leewilkins.com <S> lee.wilkins <M> msn[at]leewilkins.com <A> leeblogsit <Y> lee_wilkins82 T = Telephone / Cell, E = Email, S = Skype, M = MSN Msgr, A = AOL/AIM/iChat, Y = Yahoo And if you can't reach me via any of these mediums then I am not online, be patient, I will be online soon!