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introducing myself

By esk11211 | "esk11211" <esk11211@...> | esk11211
September 27, 2004 | Post #1292 | Topic #1292

Hi my name is eric klotz from Brooklyn and I'm new to your group. I started a blog less than two months ago, so I am still very new at this. Today I posted my very first videoblog entry. Its actually not something I filmed myself, although I plan on doing that very soon. It is just a clip of Bill O' Reilly being a jerk on 60 minutes. Actually I don't even know if you consider that a videoblog post. But I plan on learning! THANKS TO JAY FOR MEETING WITH ME AND SHOWING ME HOW TO POST IT, especially since I am NOT a tech person.... yet. In any case, I am very excited about what you all are doing, and the way you are doing it. I hope to learn and hopefully contribute to the cause any way I can. My website is http://www.mrleft.org, please feel free to take a look and, or contact me about anything really.