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By Perry | "Perry" <perry_lawrence@...> | perrylawrence
July 2, 2004 | Post #241 | Topic #241

Jay invited me to join and post some details so here goes: I'm a video producer and have been playing around with videoblogging for about two years. I started with pMachine and posted a few videos then got frustrated with the process of shoot, edit, upload, post, etc. So I eliminated a few aspects and just posted short public domain clips and had people "script" these. This was fun but still, not "immediate" enough. Check out v1 here http://www.videoblog.tv/weblog.php V2 (http://www.videoblog.tv) is my next experiment and I'm now using ExpressionEngine and a Nokia 3650. So it's videomoblogging or movideoblogging - whatever, much easier now (I can even edit in-camera sort of). The aspect that's difficult for me is not technical, but more of a philosophical one. It seems to me that to be a good blogger, one needs to get quite personal. I was hoping to be anonymous which is counter to the whole blog thing. I like the moblog thing very much as it has immediacy. I don't type much though on the tiny keyboard. Short descriptions are killer- even with predictive text! I think the future of VideoBlogging is with phones. Although ones with a LOT better resolution than my 3650. Glad to meet you all. Producer Titan (aka Perry Lawrence)