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Just joined the group (undergroundclips.com)

By JD Lasica | "JD Lasica" <jd@...> | jdlasica
October 17, 2004 | Post #1393 | Topic #1387

Alex, I gave undergroundclips.com a plug on this list just a few days ago, = so nice that you've joined this merry band! Great, cutting-edge stuff happe= ning here. jd lasica http://www.newmediamusings.com http://darknet.com/ = > Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 22:39:26 -0700 From: Alexander Cohen <xcohen= @...> Subject: Just joined the group (undergroundclips.com) Hi, I'm = Alex Cohen, Jay asked me to introduce myself, so here goes: I recently s= tarted undergroundclips.com, but i've been working with video and the inter= net for quite a long time. My other main site is Undergroundfilm.org, a 50= 1c(3) non profit I created from the ashes of Undergroundfilm.com when it wa= s commercial, I acquired it and it ran under my desk at UC Berkeley for abo= ut year until the 501c(3) got started in Sept. 2003. There is absolutely no= connection between Undergroundfilm.org and undergroundclips.com. The opin= ions on undergroundclips.com are my own. My modus operandi: I have a 160g= b Replay 5400 machine and use DVArchive to transfer the MPEG2's to my G5 Ma= cintosh. I convert the MPEG2's with StreamClip which allows Cleaner6 to han= dle the audio which is in MPEG layer-1. Then I transcode it with Cleaner us= ually with the Sorenson3 codec, although I've been experimenting with 3ivx = for mpg4. For audio I now use AAC and the container is QuickTime. I then u= pload the video to my main machine and I run the www site via Typepad. Not = that I couldn't run everything on my own machine...but Typepad does a good = job and relieves me of design issues. I'm very interested in Fair Use, cop= yright issues and intellectual property in general. Thanks for letting me = participate! --Alex Cohen