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Just joined the group (undergroundclips.com)

By Alexander Cohen | Alexander Cohen <xcohen@...> | xcohen
October 17, 2004 | Post #1387 | Topic #1387

Hi, I'm Alex Cohen, Jay asked me to introduce myself, so here goes: I recently started undergroundclips.com, but i've been working with video and the internet for quite a long time. My other main site is Undergroundfilm.org, a 501c(3) non profit I created from the ashes of Undergroundfilm.com when it was commercial, I acquired it and it ran under my desk at UC Berkeley for about year until the 501c(3) got started in Sept. 2003. There is absolutely no connection between Undergroundfilm.org and undergroundclips.com. The opinions on undergroundclips.com are my own. My modus operandi: I have a 160gb Replay 5400 machine and use DVArchive to transfer the MPEG2's to my G5 Macintosh. I convert the MPEG2's with StreamClip which allows Cleaner6 to handle the audio which is in MPEG layer-1. Then I transcode it with Cleaner usually with the Sorenson3 codec, although I've been experimenting with 3ivx for mpg4. For audio I now use AAC and the container is QuickTime. I then upload the video to my main machine and I run the www site via Typepad. Not that I couldn't run everything on my own machine...but Typepad does a good job and relieves me of design issues. I'm very interested in Fair Use, copyright issues and intellectual property in general. Thanks for letting me participate! --Alex Cohen