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Just joined up

By Yancy Lind | "Yancy Lind" <yancy_lind@...> | yancy_lind
July 25, 2004 | Post #409 | Topic #409

A friend of mine pointed out your group to me. I starting video blogging in June. yancysvblog.blogspot.com Right now my blog is dominated by photos of a new house were moving into, but there is a lot of video as well, such as: yancysvblog.blogspot.com/2004/07/mud-puppies.html I'm afraid that my blog is much more boring and mainstream than what I see most of you are up to. I'm just a middle-aged, middle-class guy trying to show videos of my kids and such to our friends and relatives. Maybe that makes video blogging less cool, but it's a great way to keep in touch with people. I found the whole process to be extemely easy due to the fact that my above-mentioned friend has built a video blogging tool and hosting service. I've been his primary tester. Check out http://www.vblogcentral.com for a preview of what he's up to. Yancy