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JV's Brief Intro

By Its A Mystery and So Im I | "Its A Mystery and So Im I" <jayvivid@...> | jayvivid
July 17, 2004 | Post #348 | Topic #348

Hi, Folks call me jv. I just wanted to thank Jay Dedman for creating this group and for all the members for their effort to put videoblogging on the map. I want to help out anyway I can. I just was featured in last week's New York Free Daily amNewYork in their "New York Minute" feature for an elist that I run called Free in New York. It's a online community built around sharing information and resources. I would like to create a video community with my group to share events and happening around the big Apple. I've been searching around the web and came upon your group. I read your everyday in digest form and have gain alot so far. Now that I have read and digest much of what you have posted I feel informed enough to start contributing to the discussion and to start sharing solution to some of the issues and concerns that you have brought up. This is only a brief intro so expect a deatiled following. Thank you for you work and hope to be of help in wonderful creative problem-solvong process. Remembers its not about the destination its about the journey itself.(I feeling misting eyed for good early net days when everything fresh new and exciting.) jv Free in New York "Everything Hip and Free in New York http://yahoogroups.com/group/finy