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Konscious Election

By Shawn Van Every | Shawn Van Every <vanevery@...> | vanevery
November 2, 2004 | Post #1628 | Topic #1628

THE KONSCIOUS ELECTION An interactive broadcast brought to you by Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Location One and Konscious Media. TONGHT 9:30 PM EST CHANNEL 67 in Manhattan http://www.konscious.tv Konscious Media, the producers of the highly successful interactive public access show Konscious Convention, are at it again with a special election night show. Tune in tonight at 9:30 PM EST on MNN (Time Warner channel 67 in Manhattan) and online at http://www.konscious.tv/ for an hour of interviews at various locations around New York City with voters like you. Join in the celebrating, nail biting and general excitement surrounding this very close and heated race for the future of our country. Join the online chat to get involved--make your text heard by sending your comments and questions to those being interviewed. Konscious Election provides live, interactive news programming of activities around New York City on Election Night 2004. Viewers participate in directing live cameras and journalists by asking questions, sharing comments, and responding directly to each other and the people at the various events. The program utilizes the Interactive Tele-Journalism (ITJ) hardware and software, allowing for live interactive coverage and specifically offering viewers the opportunity to become directly involved in the program. Konscious Election is produced by Konscious Media, an organization that connects non-profits, community organizers and artists with young people using new media technologies and inspired programming. Program can also be viewed at http://www.MNN.org ###