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life caching

By Steve Garfield | Steve Garfield <steve@...> | sgarfield
July 6, 2004 | Post #267 | Topic #267

Life Caching An Important Trend For Marketers to Watch http://www.unmediated.org/archives/000902.html Always ahead of the curve, TrendWatching has dubbed a new trend called Life Caching. Simply put, it's the collection of all things experiential (rather than material) enabled by the proliferation of digital products. From weblogs to Lifeblogs to digital cameras to everything-enabled cell phones, the recording and collection of experiences is fast becoming ubiquitous. For marketers who provide an experience, figuring out to enable the consumer to make that experience last is the key to riding this trend. With consumer's entire body of experience cataloged, gaining permission from consumers to access this life-store will be the holy grail for marketers. --------- [ Please Note ] --------- If my email hosting service is rejecting your replies, please give me a phone call. It's not you, it's them!