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Looking for testers

By Andreas Haugstrup | "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@...> | andreashaugstrup
September 16, 2004 | Post #1219 | Topic #1219

I'm looking for someone who would like to help me test this here video commenting system I've been talking about forever. It doesn't require a lot of you. Well, you'd have to create some videos at some point, and link to other people's videos. Anyway, I'm looking for people who: - Knows enough about HTML to edit their own website templates. - Is allowed to edit their website HTML templates (I'm not sure if typepad users can do this) In addition it would be cool if you: - Are hosted on your own server and are willing to run your own pingback server. I have written one in PHP you can use. OR - Are using Wordpress. I talked one of the Wordpress developers into extending the Wordpress pingback support with what we need. Now I need someone to test it! OR - Are hand coding all your pages (human-dog?) The HTML editing would just be the addition of a <link> element on video entries. I'm not sure how to automate this yet. With Wordpress I have a feeling that adding a custom field would be a solution. Maybe I can convince Lisa Harper to educate me on those..? Anyway, we'll figure it out. If you're interested you can email me directly. I'll write up instructions when I'm not insanely busy with school (and writing e-mails for this list). - Andreas PS. There is a first test of a pingback client at <http://www.solitude.dk/ping/client.php&gt; for those who like to click around. It won't do any good right now because there are hardly any pingback websites to contact. There are some parts of the form you can't click on. Those are the parts that aren't working yet. For sending pingbacks: Source is your blog entry, target is the permalink you're linking to. *Don't* send a pingback unless you mean it! -- Personal: <http://www.solitude.dk&gt; File Thingie - PHP File Manager <http://www.solitude.dk/filethingie/&gt;