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MPEG4 not Supported

By Shannon Noble | Shannon Noble <sn@...> | sh7nnon
August 6, 2004 | Post #567 | Topic #567

So this goes back a few days ago when we were discussing this: What's br= oken is the mime type: bash-2.05a$ HEAD http://eric.blognews.com/makemedia0= 1.mp4 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain MP4 mime type documented here: http:= //www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3640.txt The right mime type would be either v= ideo/mpeg or video/mpeg4-generic. The fix is in the config for your web se= rver.=A0 Create a file called .htaccess in your video directory and put thi= s in it: AddType video/mpeg4-generic mp4 So I tried this out and got inv= alid error messages from the server and then started poking around the supp= ort forum for my web host where I found this dated June 6,2004 I've notic= ed that HostRocket doesn't have ".mp4" or any mpeg 4 extension defined in t= heir server mime-types. Having asked about this, the response I received = was: "While mpeg4 is in use, it is not yet ubiquitous on the internet. In = the future, we may consider enabling it on our servers. However, the reason= mpeg4 is not in the system defined types is because it is considered by ot= hers who write the software we use to not be common." Does anyone else fi= nd this totally amusing and ridiculous at the same time? Here they are wi= th other mime-types such as ".latex" implemented, but they won't use a curr= ent standard because it's not wide-spread? Yet, the average web-surfer wil= l NEVER see something ".latex" unless they go to their local pharmacy and l= ook next to things also labelled "polyurathane" and self-test kits. Is th= is the kind of thing that might make one want to switch to a different host= ing operation? New Post on x.nnon.tv Shannon