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By Felicia Sullivan | Felicia Sullivan <fms@...> | felicia_sullivan
October 19, 2004 | Post #1440 | Topic #1440

Been lurking on the list over the last week and thought I should take the time to introduce myself and why this list is of interest to me. I currently work in Lowell, MA at a community media and tech center (LTC) not unlike MNN where Jay is. While I'm techie enough not to be turned off by new tools and hard core programmers, I'm primarily interested in how these technologies get leveraged by communities and individuals to improve the places where we live. I love places like MNN and LTC, but have often felt that the nature of cable has kept them bound and stunted in their ability to create a national network of grassroots content. The recent developments with Internet distribution are finally catching up to the hope for something more. I was excited that folks were starting to explore videoblogging and excited by endeavors like the Prelinger Archives and the upcoming Ourmedia.org as well as developments in-house here with our Digital Bicycle project. So the thing I keep thinking about is audience. Once all of the systems and bugs are worked out, and folks are fluent in creating content and there is so much stuff to see, hear, and read, how do we create audiences and dialogues? At a time when the ability for all to participate is finally upon us, will this participation actually yield results. Will we be a "smart mob" or the garden variety. I wonder with such overabundance that issues and stories and ideas will find themselves ignored, drowned out, or overamplfied. Clearly reputation systems and personal networks will have some way of shaping and bringing to the top relevant bits. Clearly new voices and visions will be seen. But will the ability to move people to action exist? Or is that a goal at all? These are the things floating in my head. Not looking for any concrete answers, but hoping to share where I'm coming from. Thanks for your time and looking forward to more posts. - F ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Felicia M. Sulllivan Director of Community Programming LTC 246 Market Street Lowell, MA 01852 978-458-5400 x 11 978-937-0361 community@... http://www.ltc.org