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By Rob Wilks | "Rob Wilks" <rob@...> | exhibitqrob
August 8, 2004 | Post #606 | Topic #606

I second what Alison said. I too am a newbie to this group, and am very interested in utilising videoblogging as a medium for Deaf people throughout the world, but particularly the UK. The Deaf community in the UK have started to latch on to the phenomenon that is blogging. Many Deaf individuals are already utilising this ability to rant and rave at the injustices of the world, oh yeah, and to tell people all the boring day-to-day things we've been up to as well! More Deaf people would be more inclined, I think, to visit a videoblog than a simple blog, for the simple fact that it will be accessible in THEIR language, British Sign Language. How feasible is to to create a videoblog? Are there are any good examples I can check out? Hope to hear from you soon with your feedback. Rob