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One difficulty with my current Flash model

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
July 23, 2004 | Post #401 | Topic #401

One of the biggest problems with my current model for publishing weblogs is Flash. Though Flash allows me to do all sorts of neat little things that would otherwise be impossible for me to accomplish, it stifles any spontanaeity my vidblogging once engendered. This becomes notable when I am abroad. In August, I'll be spending two weeks in Romania (a perfect opportunity for footage), yet I won't be able to post any of that footage until returning to home (where I have Flash). This wouldn't be so much an issue if I had a laptop - but I doesn't. The need for an all-in-one vidblog editing and publishing application is apparent (one with good scripting versatility). - The Dane