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open-media update

By Jay Dedman | Jay Dedman <jay@...> |
September 6, 2004 | Post #1118 | Topic #1118

I had an IRC chat with some of the people building Open-Media.org. One piece of news. Its now called http://ourmedia.org just in case it isnt clear, this will be an online database that will store any creative video that is made by you. stored forever. free. you just have to agree to the creative commons license. So theres more work to be done than i thought. Right now, the guy(Brewster) that funds Internet Archived has approved it. He seems obsessive about storing media and he wants more. so JD Lasica and Marc Canter have come up with this idea of a video storing/ sharing site. Marc especially seems to be big into changing the whole world by spreading information. But it still has to be built. They are still working on the blueprint for how the system will work. Then, the nerds will build it. other than the free storage/bandwidth, no much money involved here. legal advice et al is donated gratis. so it wont be till christmas(hopefully) before its really up and running. this may even be optimistic. but they still want us to test out their server and their developing uploading system. when i know when, youll know when. -- Jay Dedman Manhattan Neighborhood Network 537 West 59th NY NY 10019 212 757 2670 ext.312 http://www.mnn.org