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Prevent hotlinking (aka bandwidth theft)

By Jack Hodgson | "Jack Hodgson" <reg008@...> | jghiii
July 16, 2004 | Post #340 | Topic #340

Thomas Scott, writing in A List Apart, proposes a clever way to block bandw= =3D idth theft, aka HotLinking. "...if someone tries to hotlink one of your = images, it'll fail =97 the browse=3D r, instead of receiving an image file, will receive the result of showpic= .php , which is =3D sent as text/ html . It'll realise it can't display it, and produce a brok= en image placeh=3D older. Bandwidth saved. "On the other hand, if someone tries to link = directly to your images, they'=3D ll get silently redirected to an HTML page with your credit on it! No red= X, no silly "deni=3D ed" image =97 just a handy page that shows them the image they want to se= e, and gives you=3D credit for your work. " I wonder if this could be reworked to protect v= ideos from hotlinking? I bet=3D it could. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/hotlinking/ http://www.jac= khodgson.com/weblog/