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Quick Bittorent Explanation and why you should care…

By Michael Manoochehri | Michael Manoochehri <michael@...> | mr_dont2001
November 20, 2004 | Post #1891 | Topic #1891

I was reading Jay's blog and I saw a mention of Bittorent. Bittorent is a great filesharing system - an awesome way to share big files, like video, with lots of users. Bittorent goes especially fast when lots of people are downloading the same file at once. Great for videoblogging. Why? Because, if someone posts a video one day, and we all share links to the video via RSS feeds, (or the kenyatta browser) most people could be Bittorent sharing the file ON ROUGHLY THE SAME DAY, making download speeds really fast. In case people don't get Bittorent, this is how I explained it: . . . . . . . Hi Jay, Just to clarify, Bittorent is a filesharing system better in many ways then Kazaa or Limewire. With it, you are able to download little bits of a file from EVERYBODY who who has a copy of the file (even if others only a bit of the final file). As you download, you upload what you have to other users. In short, it means that the more people downloading the file, the faster it goes! It's like playing huge game of Go Fish with your file, except without waiting for your turn! - Michael Manoochehri http://www.m3blog.com