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Re: 150 – Group Tipping Point?

By Steve Watkins | "Steve Watkins" <steve@...> | elbowsofdeath
July 22, 2005 | Post #17957 | Topic #17917

Heres my summary of the forum idea, incorporating some past points by various people: Forum idea good because: Better seperation of topics in all sorts of ways People can chat without causing the whole group too much traffic Good search facilities Scales up to more users/posts better than a single list User interface & other features could be better than yahoo (or could be worse) Forum idea bad because: Some people like email and dont like forums (eg wont remember to go to forums) Some people dont want topics to split Some people Not everyone will rush to use the new forum and so this list may continue to be main hub of communication and the forum remains barren Someone has to host it/set it up (probably not a problem) Personally I favour forums but I wouldnt even try to convince peopel to switch unless the forum system used offered the ability for people to receive messages by email in an intuitive way, and the thing generally looked good and offered people feature incentives to switch, otherwise it may fail or split the community. Cheers Steve of Elbows --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Andreas Haugstrup" <solitude@s...> wrote: > On Fri, 22 Jul 2005 18:54:16 +0200, Stephanie Bryant <mortaine@g...> > wrote: > > > Anyway, some possible sub-groups that could evolve out of this one: > > And before someone goes out and creates all these groups keep these things > in mind. > > - The forum vs. e-mail discussion has surfaced more than once. If you > haven't been around that long it would be helpful to go back and read the > old threads. > - One split-off happened with the videoblogging_content group. The result > was that many messages were cross posted between the two lists. What > precautions do you propose so this won't happen again? > > - Andreas > -- > <URL:http://www.solitude.dk/&gt; > Commentary on media, communication, culture and technology.