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Re: A Shorter Link: [videoblogging] A new videoblog post from my mom

By David Wolf | David Wolf <dpwolf@...> | dpwolf3000
August 24, 2004 | Post #879 | Topic #871

Hi Steve, It sounds like you may have saved a 'reference movie', a file that points to the original for its content. This is the default 'save as...' function in Quicktime player but you need to save as 'self contained' when you are going to upload. Hope this helps :-) Dave On 25/08/2004, at 1:10 AM, Steve Garfield wrote: > > I had a problem with this post. > > I took an .avi from my Canon camera and then opened it up in QuickTime. > then I saved it as a .mov file. > > played fine on my mac, but after i uploaded it, a friend of mine on the > net could not see it. > > btw, it was only 16 kb