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Re: Adrian's Flash vs. QT Analysis

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
August 25, 2004 | Post #933 | Topic #906

> Adrian Miles wrote: > 1. most of what you can script in flash you can script > in QT > 2. this is the world's best kept secret > 3. it is no harder than scripting flash, just different > 4. qt *is* the architecture for time based media > 5. flash *is* the architecture for animation that now > wants to be time based media > 6. flash is still quite 'thick' when it comes to the > level of granularity it supports for video (though i > may have that arse about) > 7. flash has fantastic installed userbase which makes > it hegemonically better > 8. qt 6 fully reads flash 5 (and the best work in qt > uses flash) > 9. how did flash get here? > i. because graphic designers took to the web. > ii. graphic designers can draw (we can't, were film > makers, thre's a difference). > iii. flash let graphic designers become proto-film makers > iv. (think aboiut it, you're a graphic designer, nothing > moves. now you're an interactive artist/author/designer, > the difference is staggering.) > v. (think about it. you're a designer. frames per second > doesnt' exist. you now have 12fps. you're a filmmaker. > 24fps full screen is default. "What, I get 320x240 at > 12fps, isn't that going backwards?") > vi. graphic designers understood the web, used Flash, became > web artists. got their first, flash became a de facto > standard. > vii. imagine if the film makers arrived first. Adrian, I completely agree with much of what you've said. I'm a web designer and graphics man and therefore Flash was the first thing to come to mind when I thought about incorporating something beyond a straight-from-camera mpeg. I've heard the QT can script as well as ActionScript but haven't seen it so I'll trust you as someone infinitely more accustomed to QT than I. One misapprehension that I'd like to alleive is the fps bit. While early Flash editions may have been restricted to 12 fps (as video media wasn't yet something importable and web animation at 12 fps doesn't look that bad), recent editions allow the creator to define fps for the project to match media. Macromedia does seem to be pretty good about becoming kinder to video import and from what I hear, Flash MX imports QT admirably (I've only done one test, the Spider-Man 2 trailer, and it seemed to work fine). Flash's main deficit in my experience is syncing audio and video - so I may turn to QT for my video editing, but import into Flash for publication. Really though, I'm glad that both kinds (Flash and QT) exist out there, because if it were one or the other, half the people able to do this vidblog thing wouldn't be able to. I know for a fact that as a designer (and someone who would love to be a filmmaker but hasn't the foggiest idea about that stuff), if I had to jump into QT to do this thing, I would never have began - because it was intimidating (though now that I've found my feet, the transition would be easier. However, since I already have familiarity with Flash MX, it was just another step in a direction in which I was already headed to start publishing vidblogs in Flash (plus I already had familiarity with the scripting language. I do like that Flash and QT are becoming fully intercompatible though. Pax, The Dane http://nowheresville.us