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Re: Automated vloging by script

By antipast0@yahoo.com | antipast0@... | antipast0
August 3, 2004 | Post #525 | Topic #514

Well, its a combo of both... BT makes a .torrent file... this is sort of a treasure map that can be widely distributed. That .torrent file contains information like a) where can I find out who has this file right now? c) how many files are there? d) what are the files called? etc... So, yes, you would have the file on your local machine, and then you'd publish your .torrent file on your blog. There are already TONS of people that distribute .torrent files via RSS, so blogging with this sort of file would actually be somewhat of an emerging standard. So, you have it on your local machine, and then everyone out in the world gets the .torrent file... Their computers then start to request the file from your machine. Once you have uploaded to atleast 1 or 2 other people, the distribution of the file is then exponentially increased as then those two people probably upload to 1 or 2 each, and so on. So, it would probably only be practical for those with broadband connections simply because they're always on, but you could very well do this dialup. The big concern is that if video blogs get big, you want to maximize your exposure (BT certainly does that), but you don't want to tax your hosting company (especially with the added bandwidth of people downloading!)... The more popular your video blog, the faster downloads will be and less bandwidth will be required on your part... think of it like how a jet engine works... The more people transfer your content, the better the ability for others to get it. BT is the pinnacle of a lot of P2P technology because it can be applied to special needs such as this. First idea would be the process I talked about: 1) create video 2) create .torrent 3) publish .torrent on blog 4) "seed" file to requesting it from your machine 5) when there are a few seeds, quit. ... But with RSS and blogging (as social networking software), this could lead to futher automation like what you guys are talking about... Like the following: 1) aggregate select video blogs into a single RSS feed 2) activate and download all .torrent files 3) use feed to combine the video in order If you all standardized with how you were doing this... say... naming all files a certain way, and in a certain folder... You could have an automated video distribution method of all video bloggers, and it could very well automatically combine video (so long as you standardized on a type, or at the least, a playlist format)... There are a lot of possibilities, but ultimately, the community needs to: a) keep video blogging, and keep evangelizing ... !!! b) find programmers, or learn! heheh... I recommend c#, but bittorrent is written in Python... both are emerging and modern cross- platform languages (c#, thanks to the mono project on linux/mac) c) document the methods you guys are using now d) think up programs, standards, ideas ... this would be like "hey... if we all used Quicktime, and always named our files with like "20040513.mov" then we can make a playlist of everyone's videoblogs for real-time streaming based on their rss feeds!!! There's a lot of room for documenting and dreaming up this stuff. I guess most video bloggers on are on the mac? That would make sense as a mac rocks for easy video.... Programming that seemlessly like how Apple does is something that can be hard to obtain for some hobby programmers. Anyway.... thanks for listening to me rant. I believe that video blogging is absolutely revolutionary... and the possibility of having "video feeds" of friends, relatives, pundits, experts.... WOW. Keep it up, Thomas