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Re: Camera

By Shannon Noble | Shannon Noble <sn@...> | sh7nnon
November 9, 2004 | Post #1695 | Topic #1616

I am using the little Fisher/Sanyo "tapeless" camera for all of my video blogging needs. I shoot at 320x240 though it will shoot at 640x480. The 512kb card will hold an hour of material at 320x240. It will also shoot stills on the fly while shooting video, with a still pause showing up in the video. It shoots MP4. I love this camera. Its very portable and unobtrusive. When I'm shooting in a crowd or individual people they are far less likely to be uncomfortable then if I use my Sony mini-DV (3 chip TRV-900). Down side on this camera is the cost, $800. If I'm looking for top notch video quality for something other then web stuff I wouldn't use it. Same goes for the audio. Overall I'm very pleased with it and I take it everywhere and keep it in my pocket. I can keep it in my pocket in "standby" mode without really draining the battery. Battery holds a good charge. Etc.