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Re: Camera

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
November 8, 2004 | Post #1688 | Topic #1671

>>with an emphasis on creating a Video Blog. ... > spend as much as you can afford. I have to disagree. If you will create a videoblog, image quality is of little concern - even a small photocamera that takes video will have *more* than sufficient image quality. There is no point whatsoever in spending more. What *does* make a difference is audio quality. With my small photocamera I take videos with decent audio as long as I stay close to the people (half a meter or less), and there's not too much noise. Audio is the distinguishing factor. Buying a "real" videocamera will get you better audio, AND will let you attach mikes and such. The videoquality will be better too, but none of your readers will notice. Cheers! Peter