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Re: Consumer goods vloggers need!

By Jack Nelson | "Jack Nelson" <jack@...> | mexiculture
August 29, 2005 | Post #21176 | Topic #21134

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Randolfe Wicker <rhwicker@o...> wrote: > I think the t-shirt "Vlogger Voyeur" is a great idea. > > We need images. Who can draw the defining "image" that will come to be known and recognized as "the vlogosphere"? > > We need "VLOG NOW"(or should that be "VLOG ON", "VLOG ME", "VLOG YOU" ,"YOU VLOG" (that almost sounds insulting) of just "VLOG") buttons (or fabric patches) so we can spot each other out there in the field. How about a t-shirt with an arrow point left "I'm vlogging stupid"