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Re: creating a standard

By Eric Rice | "Eric Rice" <eric@...> | audioblogdotcom
June 29, 2004 | Post #219 | Topic #140

Ah yes, the big standards question. I'm always torn about what to support. I split my judgement based on what I like, and then on what the rest of the world uses. When I look at movie trailers, I see Quicktime. And the fastest thing for me to output video is iMovie, and bam! Quicktime. Outside of the videoblog sphere, my studio is going to start releasing shows over the web and we are going to support Windows Media and MPEG4. A bit redundant, maybe, but that's how we are responding initially to a new market, the personal media player and windows installations. MPEG will work on quicktime, Real, and whatever else comes along. For streaming, it's a different story. Part of me sees videoblogging as a streaming, short term content model, not unlike audioblogging or regular weblogging. With streaming, the options are endless. I know people use Quicktime across many platforms and since I have a spare OS X server laying around, I'll probably just deal with quicktime if I need to stream content (portable or disposable or otherwise). That may change though in the near future, I don't know yet. My 2 cents. E --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay Dedman <jay@m...> wrote: > > > If a group of videobloggers want to make a playlist of their combined > week's > > output and some use mov and some wmv they are up shit creek. The web > > could not have become what it is if its components competed to the > > extent that video technology currently does. Competition, of course, > > can be a good thing but users are getting very little value from it. > > so maybe we as a small group of videobloggers need to agree on what we use. > Maybe we all agree on .MOV or MPEG 4 or whatever. > the people who are coding thes eplayers and use metadata and all that should > tell us what is best for them. > then we all start using it exclusively. > rigth now, we're really the only ones on the whole web really doing > videoblogging to any extent. > also, we should make a list of what we like or dont like about certain > players and maybe we'll get some changes made. > > > -- > Jay Dedman > Manhattan Neighborhood Network > 537 West 59th > NY NY 10019 > 212 757 2670 ext.312 > http://www.mnn.org