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Re: encoding settings for the Video iPod?

By Jack Nelson | "Jack Nelson" <jack@...> | mexiculture
October 28, 2005 | Post #25526 | Topic #25106

> On Oct 25, 2005, at 6:09 AM, bottomunion wrote: > > > I just found out t= hat none of my videos will show on the Video iPod. > > I'm struggling with = coming up with a good solution. I've read a > > recent > > post which di= dn't help. I use compressor from FCP, to compress the > > videos. > > Wh= at is the best way to encode for the ViPod? Preferably a good > > mixtur= e of > > good quality and low file size. Anyone, please help? I've just g= one through all of my posts and resized and re-compressed as needed so they= are all "iPod ready". My son has a friend who has a video iPod, and this = has been tested and it works. This is what I used: Compression: MPEG4, 32= 0 x 240, millions Bit Rate; No higher than 768 kbits/sec (most were around = 600-650) Audio: AAC, mono, 32 kHz (you could go stereo here, in fact it mak= es sense with an iPod, but Iwas trying to keep the files small) This is n= ot what you get when you use the Apple preset in Quicktime (export using Mo= vie to iPod), it is not h.264. I figure all iPods can view these files and= h.264 still doesn't have a deep enough penetration on the net, so I'm sti= cking with these settings for now. And besides, h.264 plays lousy on my an= cient laptop (G3 Lombard). Next year when we have an iPod that can display= 640 x 480 and h.265 (or whatever) comes out, I'll re-post everything agai= n (groan). I also edited the text on all of my pages to say "Video iPod fr= iendly file". Figured that would help people search for iPod content. Anyo= ne want to make a "Video iPod Ready" chicklet? My guess is that as soon as= Apple gets their act together and gets a "video podcast" category and let= s everyone know how to get their video podcasts in the right category, the= subscription rates are going to go through the roof. Jack