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Re: geek my ride

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
July 15, 2004 | Post #330 | Topic #327

> > So I replaced that file with a 732 KB file. > > It's loads up real quick, but isn't the quality that I'd like to > > present on my web page. The quality of the "small" file seems totally fine to me :) But I'm coming to understand that not everyone is willing to live with highly optimized video as I am... Here's a little system I've been thinking about: have a server side system that counts hits (or even measures bandwidth), and then serve the high quality file as long as you can every month, and by the end of the month when you start running out of bandwidth, serve the low quality file instead. Should be pretty doable with a simple scripting language... P