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Re: getting the code for a videoblogging tool

By petertheman | "petertheman" <peter@...> | petertheman
June 16, 2004 | Post #35 | Topic #12

> Other suggestions welcome. I can't program Java but this is certainly I project I might be able to get funding for. There is a whole bunch of tools needed (videoblogging tools, aggregating tools, ...) for various audiences. And more importantly, standards are needed for those tools (Bittorrent for P2P, RSS enclosures for syndication, ...). Is anyone interested in outlining the various audiences and/or use cases and types of tools/standards we imagine together? We can put them on the me-tv.org wiki. Having good requirements might inspire someone to actually build these things :) As I said before, I started playing around with some requirements for one type of tool on the wiki (it's slow right now, cheap host!). PS: An article in the new scientist mentions videoblogging: http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/tech/article.jsp? id=99995015&sub=Communications "A pair of sunglasses that can detect when someone is making eye contact with the wearer has been developed by Canadian researchers. Besides being useful in singles bars, its inventors say the system could play a key role in video blogging, a hi-tech form of diary keeping." Jay actually has a pair of funky glasses (they look inconspicous in the Lower East Side in NYC) connected to a video recording device. Jay, wanna try out videoblogging with those? Cheers, Peter